BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Cream: Review By Colors Of My Life

My hair might be on my head but they definitely have a mind of their own. I can̢‰t tell you the amount of money I end up wasting on buying products that don̢‰t work and then I have to go back to searching for something else. During this never-ending search for hair care products, I came across BBLUNT Climate Control Anti- Frizz Cream and the claim of keeping hair frizz free no matter what the weather is outside kind of caught my attention so I decided to try it. Price: Rs 450 for 150 gms. BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream comes in a black plastic pump bottle that has a lock mechanism. I like the pump mechanism because it makes travelling with the bottle an easy task. The overall packaging is pretty fuss free and user-friendly so I have no complains. IMG_1267 IMG_1263 The product has a light creamy consistency. It definitely looks heavier when you pump it but once you warm it up, you find that the texture is very light and non-greasy. It spreads well so for my shoulder length hair I need around two pumps each of which gives me a pea sized amount. Another thing that I love about the product is the amazing floral fragrance. The moment you warm up the products in your palms, the soothing fragrance greets you and it lingers for a few minutes post application as well. I like how light the product is and because my hair have no volume, I really appreciate the fact that the leave in cram doesn̢‰t weigh them down. As directed, I apply it on freshly washed towel dried hair and it vanishes leaving behind a nice little scent with shiny soft hair. I got this product a few months back when Delhi was still cold, continuing to use it when the temperatures are making it feel like a mini oven and I can confidently say that it does live up to the all-weather frizz free claim. All in all, I am definitely in love with the product. I am not saying that it gives you miraculous results but with consistent usage, you do see results. The product doesn̢‰t weigh my hair down or irritate my scalp, it smells divine and does everything it claims. Click here for more images.
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