BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream Review By Kohl and Stilettos

Hi lovelies! If you have read my hair care routine then you must be aware of my background hair story. I used to have thick dark slightly wavy hair which was frizzy and unmanageable when kept open. But last year I got it rebonded. Ever since my tresses became all smooth, sleek and polished looking but it does have its own share of problems. I lost my volume and my hair feels really dry at times, especially after shampooing. So I have to keep applying hair serum every now and then to combat the dryness. bblunt_climate_control_anti_frizz_leave_in_cream_review_swatch_image I was fully satisfied with the L’oreal serum my hair stylist suggested me. But during my recent trip to a beauty store, the BBlunt SA managed to convince me to pick this up. Though the packaging describes the product as a leave in cream to protect hair from climatic changes, but the SA told me that this is a multi-purpose product which can be used in many ways. Since it is in cream form, so it is a better serum than those oil based serums and its effect will last till the next hair wash. So there is no need of repeated application of the product. Also, this can be doubled up as a heat protectant before blow drying or ironing. Now so many good things really made me interested about the product. SA instructed me on how to apply the product. She sprayed some water in my hair to make it slightly damp and applied starting from the mid length to the tips like how we apply leave in conditioners. The first thing which immediately sold me on this product is the smell. Also, I was getting huge amount of product for the price. This is how this baby found its way to my vanity. Does it live up to its claim of delivering all the goodness of a serum? Is it successful to replace my much loved serum I was using earlier? Read on to find out. bblunt_climate_control_anti_frizz_leave_in_cream_review_price_swatch Product Description: This versatile cream ensures your hair looks great, however hot, dry or humid it gets out there. It enhances natural movement, smoothens and leaves you in charge, whatever the weather. Specially created for Indian hair. Protects from the environment and heat styling damage. How to use: Works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired. Price: INR 450 for 150 ml. bblunt_climate_control_anti_frizz_leave_in_cream_review_swatch_price_image My Experience with the Product: Packaging: The product comes in a black colored pump bottle with a hexagonal base. The pump has a rotating lock mechanism which makes sure there is no spillage once it is locked.  All useful information is written on the bottle. As per me, packaging could not have been better than this. Texture: The product, as the name suggests, is a thick pearly white cream, consistency wise almost like a conditioner. The best part about this is its smell but it does not last for very long. As per SA told, I need a one rupee coin sized amount for my medium length hair. I pump the required amount on my palm, spread it a bit and then directly apply on my freshly washed towel dried hair starting from the mid-length. bblunt_climate_control_anti_frizz_leave_in_cream_review_price_swatch_india Performance: Like I said earlier, I had to make hair serum my best friend post rebonding . I have to apply hair serum 2-3 times a day to retain its shine else it looks really dry and dull. My experience with this one is bitter-sweet. My freshly washed hair loves it, more than my previous serum. It adds volume, shine, softness, controls frizz, keeps hair in shape, provides more manageability, simply everything my hair needs. But on day one or two after wash, I feel the need to reapply serum to make hair more sleek and shiny. Here this product fails because it cannot be used on dry hair as per instruction. I tried to damp my hair a bit and then use this but this results as if I have oiled my hair. Though it is not absolutely necessary to reapply serum since this provides sufficient softness. But I just like to apply serum before heading out. Long story short, I am satisfied with the results it provides, but I cannot completely replace my L’oreal serum. My freshly washed hair loves BBlunt one more and my one day or two day old hair loves L’oreal one more. If you do not have major dryness issue or if you do not reapply serum much post hair wash then this could be a nice option to try. Added advantage is , it can do so many more things than just a regular serum! My thoughts and inputs: Ø  Use it only on freshly shampooed and towel dried hair Ø  Do not apply on your scalp else it will feel greasy Ø  It is pretty good as a heat protectant. Just concentrate more on the ends of the strands if you use           it that way Ø  Do not use it on unwashed hair. It will feel sticky and oily Ø  Sometimes unwashed hair smells bad. In that case this can be used to bring nice fresh smell to the hair. Just take wee bit of it on hand, rub it in between palms and run your hand through hair lightly! Summing up likes and dislikes for quick reference: Likes: þNice packaging þSturdy and travel friendly þHeavenly smell þLives up to the claims þMulti-tasker þPocket friendly Dislikes: ýCannot be applied on dry hair ýSmell does not last long ýMight not be very effective for crazily dry hair Final verdict: It is a nice leave in cream to try in a budget. Had it been little more moisturizing, I would have just loved it! Though I recommend, but I am not very sure if I will repurchase this. I might keep both the serums but it cannot replace my old favourite L’oreal one. Rating: Packaging: 5/5 Efficacy: 4/5 (because of the multi-tasker it is) Smell: 4.5/5 Value for Money: 4/5 Overall : 4/5 Where to Buy: AmazonFlipkart Follow this blog with Bloglovin !! Love, XOXO
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