BBlunt- Conditioner For Fine Hair

Trendy Mannequin reviews BBLUNT's Conditioner for fine hair. Read all about it here: All my life I assumed that you have to apply shampoo before and after using the conditioner. Silly as I am, I have undergone many such tragedies related to my hair. (I used serum everyday for one year!) Nonetheless, my hair is luckily in good shape and my facts are pretty brushed up now! After having a wavering mind, I put my faith in BBLUNT's Conditioner for fine hair. One of the reasons why I was convinced to buy this one conditioner was because the bottle was so cute and attractive! Glad that I listened to the salesman and got this conditioner, my hair is at it's best. They are soft, shiny and I just can't stop touching them. For all those of you who have dry and fine hair, this is your pick. For those who have curly or wavy hair, DO NOT buy this particular conditioner. Also, the products of BBLUNT are pretty reasonable! You can get yours from New U, BBLUNT salons or parlours which have BBLUNT's products. Check out the article here.
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