BBLUNT Curl-Defining Leave-in-Cream Review By All About Style And Love

If you love your hair than you are no stranger to BBlunt which provides hair care and style range for every kind of hair. Iacceptedthetantric of twist challenge. To be honest this is the first time i used a hair cream as i am pretty old school and believe that using too many hair products can damage my hair. What BBlunt Claims? Curls need definition and this hassle-free cream makes it easy.It enhances curls and waves and also tames frizz. Specially made for Indian hair. Protects from theenvironmentand heat styling damage. How to use? Flip hair upside down and apply the cream on damp hair (Soak wet hair after shower will give you damp hair) from root to hair. Twirl,scrunch and style the way you want.Blow drywill enhance the effectof the cream curl locking system. Packaging
Someone should create a category for best product packaging as Bblunt products deserves it! Comes in shocking pink the bottle is narrow at top and wide at bottom with a dispensary knob which should be press to let the cream come out. Smell & Texture The smell reminds me of a good shampoo,don't know which one but it does reminds me! Texture is silky soft,looks like shampoo but it's not sticky like that. Does it work? Well,for a girl whose hair becomes bird's nest after few minutes of leaving hair open,it does work. It does keep my hair in place for 4 hours perfectly. It effects kind of reduces after that but completely worth for those who need a lock for their hair to keep them in place. Worth the Price? 550 Rupees for 150g For a premium brand like BBlunt and that's too a hair cream its good-to-deal-with price. What do you think about it?
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