BBlunt Dry Shampoo Review By Sin-Ply Pretty

Yes ! We have all faced those days when you are in between your hair wash days and some important event comes up or when you are hard pressed for time and no time for shampoo ! Dry shampoos are not a new concept , they have been here for the last few years but I got to try it recently only . So here goes my review ... Price - Rs 250 for 18gm/30 ml , this can give me four to five dry washes . How To Use - Shake well before use .Hold can in an upright position ,six inches away from the hair and spray evenly close to the roots .Leave on for two minutes .Massage the scalp and then brush thoroughly . PROS of BBLUNT Dry Shampoo 1. Very handy little bottle to carry in your purse .that means you can even use it in your office itself before rushing off to an after office party ! 2. Good for those wintery days when you do not want to wash the hair but still want to have bouncy hair . 3. Good when you feel sick or have a cold and need a dry clean (!) . 4.Coming to its efficacy , I used two sprays on the top of my head and then left it for two minutes and then combed through my hair . It definitely does absorb the excess grease and grime from the hair and makes it look fresher and bouncier ! So it delivers what it promises . 5.This one is created specially for the oily Indian hair . CONS of BBLUNT Dry Shampoo 1. I find it slightly expensive for regular use . 2. Since the concept is still to catch on , it is not easily available at local cosmetics or chemist shops . 3. It does not do what a regular shampoo does - no squeaky clean feeling .Also some dandruff flakes were still visible .So it will only make your hair less greasy, it does not really clean the hair or the scalp as it is not a rinse out product . 4. I generally prefer a mild fragrance to your shampoo , this one has no fragrance , though it is not a major flaw but for some it might matter . FINAL VERDICT - I rate it a 3.8/5 .It does a good enough job of absorbing oil from the hair roots and making it look less greasy and bouncier .A good product to carry around for emergencies . Click here to know more.
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