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So here’s some news that’s waiting to go rogue, we’ve been featured in Vogue! BBLUNT has been chosen as one of the coolest lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands; we’re proud to be, one of Vogues #IndiaCool brands. Our #ManeWoman – Adhuna Akhtar talks about why going short is her motto, from pixies to bobs and the boy cuts – here’s why Adhuna feels cutting it all off is where the magic lies. Adhuna Akhtar BBLUNT, Founder and Creative Director “When I first came to India, my style was very influenced by what was going on in London and New York – quite experimental and a bit daring I suppose. Today, my outlook remains the same, your hair gives you the opportunity to represent yourself in whatever way you fancy. I quickly realized that Indian women had a stubborn fascination with really long hair, tending to play it much safer than their European equivalents. Only stylists showed off short hair and were comfortable carrying it off. Perhaps being exposed to international trends, or maybe just by seeing stylists experiment, we started seeing a slight shift towards shorter hair. And this year it’s just seemed to have completely taken off – we’ve even branded this the ‘Year of the bob’ – HALLELUJAH! There are so many variations of ‘short’ there’s an option for every face shape and hair type: From the classic ‘bob’ to a ‘pixie’ and everything in between—so you have no excuse not to try something new. There have been so many times, people enter our salons and say, “Right I want something new and exciting!” and then immediately follow it up with, “but I want to keep the length.” I’d say it’s a stylist’s worst nightmare but we’re used to it now. Long hair is beautiful and we love working with it, but once… (Just one time!) Put your faith in your stylist and let them concoct something magical. I would hang up my scissors if I could convince every woman in the land to walk into a salon, shout “Gimme short!” and dance out feeling liberated! Go chic, GO SHORT! That’s my motto and I’m sticking with it!” Check out the full article here
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