BBLUNT High Definition Curl Leave-in Cream Review By That Elegant Chic

My favourite hair style keeps changing for a very long, and for some unknown reason, I was obsessed with poker straight hair. I got off that phase pretty soon. These days, the romantic soft waves are more of my style. I would have loved some defined curls but I prefer not to use a lot of heat. I have naturally wavy hair with a mind of their own. So, I really leave them alone. Then came along Bblunt۪s High Definition curl Leave-in Cream, which encouraged me to dream that I could have some lovely curls. This serum comes in a beautiful pink bottle with a pump that twists to get locked and unlocked.The product smells heavenly and I may want to continue using it for this reason only. These are the instructions to use it.

Flip hair upside down and apply evenly on damp hair, from roots to ends.
Twirl, scrunch and style.
Blow dry using a diffuser for maximum effect.


First thing I do not have a diffuser but I do have a blow dryer. This is how I used this product.

After I wash my hair, I squeeze out all the water and wrap a huge t-shirt around my hair to soak in the water.
After around 5-7 minutes, I apply the Bblunt leave-in serum,from root to endsas mentioned.
Then I scrunch and twirl my hair in sections and sometimes all in a whole while I blow dry my hair

_.. and then I wait.


The waves in my hair did not get a revolutionary transformation. I have to believe that this product is for people with actually curly hair. As a side effect probably, it leaves my hair feeling feathery soft. Also, since it claims to protect hair from heat, I do not feel guilty about using a blow dryer. PicsArt_02-13-12.26.39


Smells great
Hair feels soft after usage
protects hair from heat
Frizz free hair


Does not increase definition of lose curls

Maybe I was expecting a miraculous product. If you have almost straight hair with waves towards the end, this product may not be for you. But if you have those lovely curls proper curls, then I would say go for this product. I have vouched for Bblunt earlier as well when I used and loved its dry shampoo. I am just not the right target customer for the BbluntHigh Definition Curl leave in serum. Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :) For daily tips about fashion and fitness follow me onInstagram,FacebookandTwitter
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