BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner for Seriously Dry Hair Review By Crazy Beauty Land

BBLUNTclaims their products are specially formulated for Indian hair, in my opinion, thats just amarketing gimmick. I like a lot of LOreal products that arent specially formulated for indian hair, which is why I believe that its all just statement. Today, I'm going to write about the BBLUNTIntense Moisture Conditioner, a product I have been using for a couple of months now. BBlunt-Intense-Moisture-Conditioner-for-Seriously-Dry-Hair-Review-Ingredients-1 BBLUNTClaims: This moisture-rich conditioner makes out-of-control hair manageable. It smoothens, softens and adds shine. Show your hair some love. Texture : thick & creamy. Like a hair mask. But it doesnt feel as silicone-y as a hair mask. I suppose its thick because its meant for seriously dry hair. I use it twice during one wash, each time I keep it for approximately 3min, as instructed. I like that it doesnt weigh my hair or make it greasy, unfortunately that just means my hair is super dry. =( After effects : I have seriously dry hair, my hair ends are the worst & they actually look pretty bad too. This conditioner does make them smooth & soft, but they still look dry & ugly. So if you have really dry, damaged hair, this conditioner does help smooth your locks but you will need a hair serum/oil to make your hair actually look healthy. For sometime I felt that this did not do much for my hair & I switched to another conditioner, only to realize this one works & does so much more on my hair. However, it does not add shine to my hair as it claims. I know the packaging looks cute & its something new, but I dont like it. Its inconvenient because the bottle keeps bending from the middle & strains the plastic_the plastic will eventually break. A bottle with a pump would have been perfect. Ingredients of BBlunt Intense Moisture Conditioner: I was skeptical about how good this would be for my hair because it has so many alcohols but I did some research around this. - Glycerine (2nd ingredient) is good for moisturizing hair - Cetyl alcohol & Stearyl alcohol (3rd & 4th ingredients) are fatty alcohols i.e they are oily & cancondition hair. These are good ingredients for dry hair. The rest of the ingredients are silicones & parabens so if you prefer conditioners free from those, you should skip this one. I think the conditioner is more thoughtfully formulated for dry hair than most drugstore conditioners. Product vs Price : Cost : Rs.375 /$5.5 Qty : 200g / 7oz Shelf Life : Doesnt have any. Expiry is 24 months from Date of mfg. BBlunt products are easily available online and at BBlunt stores. I dont know if they are available at department stores. Overall Verdict : 4/5 TheBBlunt Intense Moisture Conditioner is a nicely formulated and does soften & smoothen my locks, it doesn't meet its claim of making hair shiny.In orderto make my hair look shiny/presentable, I still need to use a serum. But I thinkseriously dry hair can't be remedied with just a conditioner, its a small step that needs to be taken along with other steps like hair oil, mask, serum etc. I feel that if you have dry hair (or seriously dry like mine), you will not be disappointed with this conditioner.
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