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Raj Vinder views and reviews BBLUNT's Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Read all about it here: Hair is crown of our body and an addition to our personality, But most of us ignore this natural beauty and as a result instead of addition, it makes our personality a little shabby .It doesn’t matter how gorgeous you are if you ignore your hair. Good hair care contains simple steps like brushing, combing, shampooing and drying. Earlier I was also among people who tend to ignore their hair and as a result my personality was hidden and overshadowed ,but recently my time changed and a brand entered my life that not only changed my perception about hair care however transformed me into a personality that I owe now. And entire credit goes to BBLUNT. About the Brand BBLUNT s philosophy is “Its hard to find yourself in a world so obsessed with perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us. At BBLUNT , we believe the only person you need to look like is you”. BBLUNT was founded by Adhuna Bhabani, who decided to make great styling her mission, in1998 she opens her first saloon in Mumbai and created a never ending journey of hair care and styling .In 2001 BBLUNT’s Creative Director Avon Contractor styled all the leads including Aamir Khan and Preety Zinta. And till now BBLUNT has done 1 Million haircuts, and has 17 Saloons across India and UAE. BBLUNT has created India’s first three-fold style system and in the year 2014,Experts at BBLUNT brought B SYSTEM, specially dedicated to Indian hair. About B SYSTEM BBLUNT team has segregated their range in to three categories depending on hair type and style . · Prep – helps to choose a hair care regime according to hair type. · Style –Styling products and tools that work for individual. · Transformation– Change the way one look with colours and hair extensions. About Product in Limelight The product that I am going to share my experience about is from their Prep category which is “INTESNE MOISTURE SHAMPOO , and INTENSE MOISTURE CODITIONER “ which are dedicated to people who has seriously Dry hair. Intense Moisture Shampoo Ingredients: Jojoba, Vitamin E,Hydrolyzed keratin & wheat germ oil. Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula. Cost: Rs 500/- Quantity: 400Ml. Usage : Thoroughly wet hair. Take one pump or more and spread evenly by massaging the scalp with gentle circular motions and running the fingers through the lengths of the hair. Rinse out thoroughly. Intense Moisture Conditioner Ingredients : Jojoba, Vitamin E,Hydrolyzed keratin & wheat germ oil. Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula. Cost: Rs.375/- Quantity: 200Gm Usage: Remove excess water after shampooing .Apply evenly to lengths and ends .Avoiding the scalp. Leave on for at least 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. My Experience As I said I tend to be the person , whose hair were not adding to the personality. My hair were very much dry and kind of damaged as it has split ends , dryness and unmanageable hair that I never even dared to open .and oiling is something that I forgot to do. last time I oiled my hair when I was in 10th I guess, after that I never let anyone touch my hair and do proper oiling stuff. And as a result this damage took grace from my hair . But 2 months back I came across this brand BBLUNT via social media .The way this brand presented self and their products .I fell for it and thought of giving it a shot. I felt their website and products quite understandable and not that critical that caters only specific problem like other hair brands who although has an number of products for problems like hair fall, Dandruff, rough hair, dull hair, Split ends, But not a single product for all hair related issues. However when I checked BBLUNT , what made impress is their limited range for all hair related issue that do winders to hair as they believe in and say . So After getting impressed at first go only. I got my self BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, and with my first ever wash , I fell in love with these baubles of my hair. As directed I wet my hair ,and took a pump of shampoo which is neither too thick nor too thin but has a runny consistency with blue in colour and was able to cover my entire hair within a second .I remember when ever I used to wash my hair before no matter what technique I use they tend to get tangled and rough during shampooing my hair, but when I used this shampoo , I was surprised ..Tangles of my hair went invisible, My hair detangled self before rinsing off and I was able to easily run my fingers across them which earlier was a BIG NO for me. After rinsing my hair with shampoo, as directed I removed access water from my hair ..took small amount of BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and spread it evenly to my hair from mid lengths to lengths and make my hair rest for 3 minutes. After three minutes when I rinsed my hair , I went speechless , my hair became soft and manageable like butter ,and were giving a silky feel to may hands. I couldn’t believe for few minutes that these are my hair, which are detangled , shiny and smooth now .and moreover not looking oil conditioning deprived . Both BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner a proved to be a miracle for my hair that gave my hair lost shine and health that was lost few years back. Over all I feel proud and confident saying that BBLUNT is a brand whose products do wonders and gives desired and expected results out of them. In case of rating required I will give it –:5/5 Find the article here.
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