BBLUNT Mini Featured In Best Salons Of Gurgaon

WhatsupGurgaon Blog spot listed the BBLUNT Mini Salon as one of the best hair salons in Gurgaon. Check out what they have to say!
"This small-ish salon on the first floor at South Point Mall instantly holds your attention. The place is neatly kept at all times. Run as an extension of the B:Blunt brand of popular Adhuna Akhtar, this one promises services to your heart’s content. The stylists hold your hair in their hands with utmost care and love. You know you are looking at yourself in the mirror a certain way now and a few minutes later, you’d be a different you. Its careful, adventurous, outgoing and subtle. Just the way that you like it. And it does not really blow a hole in your pocket too." Check out the whole article here.
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