BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo Review By Wise She

Hello Beauties,

I have voluminous and wavy hair and most on the time I feel they tend to become frizzy when I opt for an open hairstyle! The hair is soft and manageable but due to the lack of oil champi and hair masks (due to my lazy self! ) I feel the hair becomes dry after shampoo and turns out to be frizzy at the end of the day! Last month, when I was scrolling an online portal, i spotted this shampoo variant which reads Intense moisture shampoo for seriously dry hair, although my hair is not that dry but I thought may be it will make my hair smoother, so I bought it instantly! I have been using this shampoo every alternate day and it is about to finish, so I thought let me share my experience with this shampoo! BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo About BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo Dry, rebellious hair needs love and this moisture-rich shampoo provides lots of it. Say hello to smooth, manageable and well-nourished hair. BBlunt was launched in 1998 in Mumbai, India. With high quality hair care & styling products, BBlunt has training academies which provides hair styling courses. Say hello to smooth, manageable and well-nourished hair with BBlunt Intense Moisture Shampoo. Price– INR 100 for 50ml & INR 500 for 400ml ( I got the 100ml bottle!). I got if from Shelf Life– 24 months from mfg. date! BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo price Ingredients– Jojoba, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Keratin & Wheat germ oil. Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula. Jojoba is known to act as a natural balancer that moisturizes your hair from within, adding shine, elasticity and softness. From now on, say goodbye to dry, rebellious hair! BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo ingredients Directions to use- Thoroughly wet hair. Take one pump or more and spread evenly by massaging the scalp with gentle circular motions and running the fingers through the lengths of the hair. Rinse out thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Packaging– The shampoo comes in a white opaque plastic bottle and has a screw open cap which also has the push to squeeze cap through which one can take the required amount of shampoo! The packaging is nice but not too travel friendly as the screw cap is not so intact and shampoo spills! I spoiled my cosmetic bag with shampoo here and there on most products I carried along! Frown BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo packaging Product Color– The shampoo is a light blue colored milky white liquid and has a medium consistency! It is not too runny or thick! The texture is quite good and is easily spread on the scalp and lathers decently! BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo texture Fragrance– The fragrance  of this shampoo is quite good and resembles a skin toner I used from Votre! It is very pleasing fragrance and is not fruity or floral! My Take- I have been using this shampoo since last two weeks and now that the shampoo level hit the bottom, I thought of reviewing it here before going for a second and bigger bottle! Earlier I was using the Fab India Aloe Vera Protein Shampoo which was good but it made my hair a little dry! So I thought of trying this mini shampoo! BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo review Honestly speaking, I was instantly happy to see the results on the very first wash! I didn’t use any hair conditioner for the first few washes! In fact there is no harm if you skip using conditioner with this shampoo as it makes my hair really soft and smooth! My hair falls neatly like I have used a straightener to keep them straight! It tends to weigh down the hair strands so I would say that only those girls who have dry hair dare to try this shampoo! The shampoo smells amazing and I love to sniff my hair when I use this shampoo! I don’t use hair serum that often and only use it when I have to keep my hair open! So without a serum, this shampoo works well in taming my extra wavy hair! Now that the bottle is almost over, I am going to buy the bigger bottle for me as it works perfectly well for my hair! I guess the shampoo will also be useful for my hair for the upcoming winter season! Overall, I quite liked this shampoo and would recommend it to all those who have seriously dry hair and those who struggle to keep their hair in place without making them frizzy! What I like about BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo?
  • First of all, mindblowing fragrance
  • Lathers mildly
  • Makes my wavy hair fall straight!
  • Hair is soft & smooth
  • Doesn’t need a conditioner!
  • Economical price! (INR 500 for 400ml is way to affordable!)
What I don’t like about BBlunt Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo?
  • Currently! no con!
Rating– 5/5 Will I recommend?– Well, I have all good things to say for this shampoo and I found it to be really effective in taming my voluminous hair length to a soft manageable texture! So, yes I will surely recommend it
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