BBlunt One Night stand ̢‰ Review By Love Thy Red

̢But her kiss tells me it̢‰s goodbye Just like nothing happened last night But if I had one chance I̢‰d do it all over again One night stand I don̢‰t think she̢‰s coming back for more She was only looking for a one night stand I don̢‰t think she̢‰s coming back for more No no̢_̢_.̢ Quite a thoughtful name for a hair product I must say... The One Night Stand range of temporary hair colours by BBlunt is one hair product that every fashionista must try once... Simply because getting your hair coloured up in streaks of blue, green & pink is definitely not everyone̢‰s cup of tea and while we may be itching to see how it would look on us, I personally would never have the courage to get it done and then stick to it for maybe 3-4 months or until it fades. When I saw these cute cans lying at the BBlunt counter many months ago, I had curiously picked two, a blue and a copper which I kind f forgot about after a few uses and realized many months later and found out that they had dried up...Too bad!! But then I had heard that there was a new addition to the range, a Pink and went to check out the shade and again came back home with two new cans, the blue again and a bronze this time instead of the copper..and here̢‰s what I think of these... So What Exactly Is This One Night Stand? Ah well, a temporary hair colour comes in a spray can. Easy to use, a little messy if you aren̢‰t careful, but totally worth it if you want to try a hair colour but have COMMITMENT issues!

How Many Shades Did You Say? Well, I saw 5, correct me if I̢‰m wrong Bronze Copper Blue Velvet Emerald Green Blush Pink How Much Does It Cost ? Rs 300 a can, except for the Pink one, which is Rs 350 for a can. Available at BBlunt website and across NewU stores!

How To Use? Pick out the hair section you want the colour on. Add a barrier in the back to separate from other hair. I generally insert a newspaper or something and spray on! wait for a minute to dry naturally or just blow dry... How Long Does It Last? Err..that̢‰s a little tricky. The colour kind of fades as you touch, style or comb your hair. But it easily stays intact for about 6-7 hours, and more if you don̢‰t touch your hair.

Is It Easy To Wash? Absolutely!! it goes away with simple water too.

Who Should Use This? Anybody who wants to do fun stuff with their hair.. Let your girlfriends go green with envy, or show your coolness quotient with Blue velvet.. Show them your punk side with a pink streak̢_or mix and match and create your signature style... A pink and blue gradient, bronze and blue alternating streaks, or a green and blue mohawk for the guys who want to add some elements of fun to their hair.. Create funky hairstyles for those theme parties or surprise your girlfriend with a colorful crown̢_The possibilities are endless... And why not?? This is not a gender-specific product̢_Anyone can use it, there is so much you can do with these cans..

Am I Getting It Again? Of course, Pink this time! What color are you getting? onenight800x600 Click here to see more images of #Blue Velvet and #Bronze on hair

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