Bblunt One Night Stand - Review + Giveaway By Shades Of Jade

Hi guys Today I will be reviewinga product from Bblunt (and a giveaway of the same). A lot of people have recommended this to me and I also saw a lot of people using it and loving it. Also before I further tell you about the product I just want to say that I washed my hair like 30 mins before shooting this and they were super frizzy! I did not straighten them or even blow dry (I prefer air drying them). And I have also decided to try Bblunts anti-frizz leave in creme. I might review it for you guys as well. :) What is it? Bblunts one night stand is a temporary hair color. The one I am reviewing today is in the color blue velvet but they come in five different shades- Blue, pink, green,copper and bronze. How to use? Before buying the products I read a lot of reviews on the product and I read a lot of people complaining that it didnt work out for them. I was doubtful before buying it but it wasnt expensive so I bought it anyway. It is very easy to use and you can read all about it in three simple steps given below. Step one Take the section of your hair you wish to color. Make sure its dry. Only use this products on dry hair. Step two Spray on the selected section. Make sure you spray it properly and dont get any of it on your cloths. While reading the reviews on this product, I read a lot of people saying that even after spraying 3-4 times they did not get the desired result and the same happened with me the first time I use it. The problem was I wasnt spraying it properly. You have to keep the spray bottle close to the selected section of your hair and then spray. The blue color will be prominent once you have sprayed it (even before it dries). It will some what look like the picture below once you have sprayed it. IMG_5771 (Super frizzy hair. I think all the girls can relate to my bad hair situation) Step 3 Lastly, you have to let it dry. It will take around 15-20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes. After the color dries, the colored portion of your hair will be a little stiff but you just have to brush it once and you are good to go. Also some of the color will dust off when your brush your hair the first time but thats okay. In the picture below, the left section of my hair is after brushing and right one is before brushing. I hope you can see the difference. IMG_5777 Pros-
  1. Temporary
  2. Economical (only 350/-)
  3. Does not damage the hair
  4. The colors are bright.
  5. Contains 54ml
Some people might not be content with 54 ml but then again it is just for 350/- and you can buy another bottle if you run out of it. Cons-
  1. Dusts off every time you brush your hair
  2. Stays on for 6 hours (or less if I keep brushing my hair or just keep running my hand through them)
Overall I really like the products and I recommend it to everyone who wish to experiment with their hair color. Dont forget to head over to my instagram account for the giveaway. Subscribe and do let me know what you think of this post. Thanks for reading Poorvi xoxo
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