BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Spray Review By The Epitome Of Style

Hey everyone! Summer tends to make me feel a certain way. I feel the need to wear bright colors, try new things, experiment and have fun. This is exactly what this post is about. Trying something you̢‰ve been wanting to do for a while! When you are working with so many colors it is important to balance the color pallet to avoid looking like a unicorn (not that there̢‰s anything wrong with that). So for my outfit I wore this really ̢summery̢‰ floral romper from Forever 21. I didn̢‰t want to add any accessories because I wanted the hair to be the star of the show. I wore the very versatile white canvas shoes. And wore these mint retro sunglasses from Colaba Causeway. I wore my hair in two casual braids and sprayed the ends with the Bblunt̢‰s One Night Stand Temporary Hair spray. pinkpop800x600 Review: I used the Bblunt̢‰s One Night Stand Temporary Hair spray (INR 350) in the shade Blush Pink to add that pop of color. When I initially sprayed it on, it left a very subtle color so I had to use the entire bottle to get this bright pink color. The whole process of spraying your hair is very messy and the color gets everywhere. And more than that throughout the day it stains everything, from my jacket to my dress and my bag-pack too. When I touched my hair it felt so dry and unhealthy, however it doesn̢‰t look the same. Now the question is, will I try it again? Yes! Why you ask? Because, it̢‰s a really fun way to add color without committing to it for a long period of time. And let̢‰s be real it looks really cool so it̢‰s worth all the hassle! If you want me to blog about any particular trend or topic do let me know in the comments below. Till then keep experimenting and explore your style! Click here to know more
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