BBLUNT Review: Anti Frizz Climate Control Magic By Fashion Chauvinism

With Valentines day so close by, the pressure is on to chase down your best look and just make it a little more Spicy, a little more Peppy , a little more sizzling and a little more Dazzling !!

In contrary to add up a little more to your look today I am bring your way the basic essential product to help you get tha touch of that little more glamour !!

So I was given this chic beauty in black I.e Anti Frizz Climate Control cream by@BBLuntIndia which is a renowned hair care and hair styling brand, its your personal saloon that actually believes in turning a good hair day into a better hair day ! The versatile Climate Control ANTI-FRIZZ Leave-In-Cream ensures your hair looks great no matter what state of weather outside is . It enhances natural movement, smoothing and leaves you in a charge, whatever the weather is .

Product description :-

Priced at rupees 450/- 150 g INGREDIENTS :- Hydrolyzed Keratine, Quinoa - the protein with 8 essential Amino acid & Provitamin B5 See more here ! Why should one buy it :- Anti frizz climate control cream is your personal fashion hair saloon !! And with Climate control Anti frizz cream its Time to say goodbye to fizzy hairs ! Get picture perfect tresses to flaunt. This cream help your hairs get the softness and shine they lack (If u have super dry hairs like me) The cream evenly spreads over you mid length till ends giving your hair rich nourshiment and shine ! How it works Works best works damp,towel dried hairs . Take a small quantity into your palms . Apply evenly focusing on mid-lengths and ends keeping away from scalp . Style as you desired . Packaging:- The products comes in a black plastic bottle which has a push down pump over its head !! Its a plastic bottle containing 150g of creamy texture cream just like general conditioner which we use !! And has a pleasing fruity fragrance ! GET THE LOOK WITH ME :- OK so I have to pen down this when I got the product I thought of Valentines day first and then I thought this product is perfect to help me get some sizzling Vday look !! #LOOK ONE So I experimented with my hairs and came up with 3 hairstyles, after applying the product once just brushing my hairs once I was easily able to switch from one hairdo to another without add up more quantity of the product !! And this in deeds proves that BBLUNT caters quality !! So for my first look I simply did a side parting and made a size pony tail !! And it just looked so neat and shinny that I was in full swing to flaunt them up in full on attitude :-D

#Look Two And for the second look I tied up a bun side parting remaining in touched ! Please note for the second look I didn't applied the climate control cream again !! And with the bun look so neat I suddenly switched over my complete look from peppy persona to an elegant lady !!

#LOOK THREE And my last look was not actually a look but was a third level test of the stay of this anti frizz cream !! You might be wondering what I did ! Well answering it - I left my hairs open and allowed them to face natural breeze ! My mai target was to check that does my hairs still look frizz free ? And surprisingly to my curiosity the BBLUNT succeeded and defeated my curiosity!! As even after leaving my hairs open my hairs happy cooperated n it was not a mess anymore !!

CONCLUSION :- So giving it a genuine conclusion I say that This product is simply your personal professional hairstylish ! No need to hop in to parlor/saloon to get a fashionable hairdo !! The Anti Frizz Climate Control cream is all here at your rescue to get u stylo hairs in not sooooo expensive product , but yes a little expensive as per keeping in head lifestyle and standard of a middle Indian family ! Yet overall the product scores 4/5 as it's has no other flaw !! Visit to buy the   Thankyou Love Team FC
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