BBLUNT Salon Secret Honey Light Golden Brown Shade Review By LoveInABlog

Hey guys, hair coloring is such a tedious task, right? At least for most people it is. I have always been a hair colour junior and I like to switch things up once in a bit to play around with my looks and feel good about myself. I came across this newly launched salon secret by Bblunt and my jaws dropped. I have used some of their products and I love them so when they came out with a hair colour in such a budget with so many Shades I kind of wanted to do my happy dance. I went for honey golden brown because I have had reddish copperish hair for a while and I wanted something new. The box comes with three things mainly the developer, the colour and a shine tonic exclusively. It also has a pair of gloves and an instruction pamphlet. So the usage of it is very simple you have to mix it all in one breakable or a plastic bowl, DO NOT USE METAL because the colour reacts with it chemically and becomes unusable. So the application has to be very precise to get best results and don't worry it's not that difficult as you think. Make sure you have combed the lengths and there are no tangles whatsoever and start brushing the colour with a hair colour brush and massage it into to spread evenly. I did not put the colour on my roots much as I wanted to exaggerate it on my lengths and also if you want to put the colour on your roots for grey hair coverage or just like that along with your lengths you are going to need two of these boxes. Once done doing that I kept it for 45 minutes, they suggest keeping it for 30 minutes but I went for a little more because I have dark hair and it takes time for colour to get on them. I washed it off using a conditioner only; the trick is to avoid the shampoo as it takes off the product excessively and harshly. You can shampoo your hair next day and don't be alarmed to see some colour in it since we already used conditioner before this is going to happen. All done and dusted, I blow dried my hair and voilà the colour had done its magic and my hair had a golden shine to it and that's exactly what I wanted. I don't want the colour to show so much to alter my look itself but just to add to my hair texture. This box retails for 199/- as an introductory price, it is otherwise priced at 225/- so now you know all of it, you know there isn't any salon secret to beautiful colour hair you can do it at home yourself and rock the look you want to.
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