BBLUNT Salon Secret Wine Hair Colour Review By Panchtatva The Essence Of Life

Hola my beauties… It’s autumn and everything seems to be losing colours. Whether it’s the leaves or the weather in general, the colours seem to be getting a bit dull these days. Being on the other side of 30, know what it means about losing colour. I have some grey on my head here and there and I have been colouring my hair for quite some time now. From global to highlights to ombre, I have tried almost all. Ammonia, no ammonia, In-salon, home kits… almost everything. Off late, I have been trying out several new hair colour brands, especially those which to be claim no-ammonia and fit in everyone's budget. And in this search entered B-Blunt. Now I know almost everyone knows about this brand. Helmed by Adhuna Bhabani, ace Bollywood stylist and owner of BBlunt Chain of salons, this is one of the most promising brands in India. They have a range of hair care products from shampoos to conditioners to styling products. And recently, they launched their hair colour, Salon Secret High Shine Hair Colour. Now the colour comes with lot of claims. Firstly, it is ammonia free which is good. Currently, it is available at an intro price which is affordable.  And the most intriguing this… it comes with a new add on called the Shine Tonic which is said to be a revolutionary product that brings in loads of shine. When I got a chance to try this, I chose the shade Wine which is a deep burgundy. "The Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Hair Colour is an amazing product indeed. And the shine tonic does add a lot of shine to the hair. I loved how the colour looked on my dark brown hair and the shine makes them look very healthy. With the right shampoo and hair mask, the colour does survive and look good for a really long time. And the brand has some amazing shades which will suit everyone. Loved the hair colour and now, I am committing myself to this darling…. Love love love.” Read the whole review here.
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