BBLUNT Shampoo Reviews

Some manes are slick and thin straight, some manes are curly and curvaceous but every mane is beautiful in its own way and every mane has its own woes to worry about. That’s why we have got four different variants of shampoos so that your hair goals are never out of reach! Don’t believe us? Wait till you here these amazing Nykaa reviews by our fabulous customers. BBLUNT Shampoo Reviews

1. BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo Dry and dull tresses got you down? Try this hydrating potion to work some moisture in to your locks. Yashasvuni did and she is simply in love with it. “I have super dry hair and this shampoo worked like a dream. After using it, i did not have any frizziness in my hair for three solid days. You don't even need go use serum after using this to tame your hair.” Here some combo's  BBLUNT Intense Moisture Trio 

2. BBLUNT Perfect Balance Shampoo A mane with a perfectly balanced texture is a dream- Not anymore! This shampoo is meant to provide a moisture balance to normal to dry hair. So, you can ace that hair flip every day. Here’s what Vedika has to say about the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo. “One of the best-This helps creating a balance in combination hair. It cleans scalp without totally drying the hair.”Here some combo's BBLUNT Perfect Balance Duo and Curl Defining Cream Duo

3. BBLUNT Full On Volume Shampoo When it comes to manes- the bigger, the better! If you want to add some bounce to your fine locks, we have just the thing for you. Better yet let Urvi tell you all about it. “The word "Perfect”-Yes, it applies for this product a perfect product for fine textured hair,that gets limp soon after hair wash. A must try for all having straight and fine.” Here some combo's BBLUNT Full On Volume Trio

4. BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo For tresses that just can’t handle any more damage, we have got a special elixir to bring those dull locks back to life. It sure worked wonders for Gautami’s mane. “Cleans your hair off the greasiness and dirt. Makes hair smell heavenly. It really works on replenishing and repairing every strand of your hair.Here some combo's BBLUNT Born Again Trio

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