BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish – Review By Sindhu JP

There are certain products which we don’t know how much difference it can make until we use it. BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish is one such product for me. Read on to know more :) BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish I am blessed with almost straight to wavy hair that I never spend much time or money on styling. I did get my hair done at saloons for certain occasions and definitely liked the way how styling can transform the entire look. But then, visiting a saloon every time for hair styling is a tedious process which also involves spending money. I have basic styling tools like a hair dryer and flat iron but styling hair on your own consumes more time and energy (at least for me :P ) So I always remain in my good old straight wavy hair without much styling. The maximum effort I put would be a quick blow dry with paddle brush. When Bblunt India sent me the  Spotlight Hair Polish, I just kept it away in my vanity without giving it a try. Then came an important photo shoot for which I styled my hair and finally got the chance to use the BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish. After blow drying, I sprayed the BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish randomly all over my hair, concentrating the mid-length and BAM! I was totally impressed with the results. BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish Can BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish nozzle What it does : It makes the hair instantly soft and manageable. The frizziness and dryness get controlled to an extent. Gives a neat finish after styling and adds shine. As I said before, I have a straight to wavy hair. So I am not sure how well it works on curly hair. How to use : Shake well before use. Hold can six inches away and spray a light mist evenly around hair, focusing on mid lengths and ends. BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish spray Below is a pic taken in natural day light without any filters and editing. I have  roughly blow dried the hair , sprayed the BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish and combed. Now comes the important aspect of the spray. It does not weigh down the hair or make it greasy. It does not cause hair fall as well. Also, it smells amazing that it just elevates your mood and instantly makes your ready for a party or a date :) It is mentioned on the can that the spray protects from heat styling damage. I haven’t used it as a heat protectant so far. Will keep you guys updated if I use it as a heat protectant in future. Points of happiness : 
  • Does what it claims
  • Apart from providing shine, it also tames the hair and protect it
  • Does not weigh down the hair or cause greasiness
  • Does not cause hair fall
  • Convenient packaging and good quantity
  • Amazing fragrance
Points of concern :
  • May not be travel friendly as the packaging is not compact (yet the can is light weight)
  • Chemical content (expected in a styling product but no side affects as such)
Will I recommend this ? Yes. If you style your hair often and looking for a multipurpose product, go for it Will I repurchase this ? If I ever manage to finish this can, then Yes :) 
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