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Hello People! Bblunt offers a wide range of haircare and hairstyling products. Bblunt spotlight hair polish being one of them. Don't we all just get jealous when we see celebrities with super shiny, sleek and silky hair? And then we wonder what is the secret behind that. Well, with Bblunt spotlight hairpolish you too can have celeb like shiny lustrous hair.

I recently got this Bblunt hair polish and I'm currently trying some of the haircare products. These days hairstyling has become an essential part of dressing up and it definitely is a crucial job. I'm going to review this product. As by the name you can guess that Bblunt spotlight hair polish is used for getting the glossy and lustrous locks.
This product gives the dullest hair a glossy , smooth finish. Gives instant shine to your hair without any fuss. Price-  250/- for 30ml and 550/- for 150ml
Packaging-  It comes in a small light weight travel friendly spray bottle.

Product Description- Bblunt spotlight hair polish gives the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. Provides maximum shine with minimum fuss. It doesn't have any foul smell but might bug the ones with sensitive nose. It might smell like chemical at first when you spray but the smell goes away after a few minutes.
It contains Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Silk proteins specially created for Indian hair. Protects your hair from heat styling damage. How to use- Use it on dry hair. Shake well before use. Hold it 6 inches away from hair and spray evenly. Do not spray it on the roots, focus on mid-length and ends. My take on 'Bblunt Spotlight Hairpolish' The spray bottle is travel friendly and can be carried in handbag. When I used the hairpolish, it made my dull hair look shiny. It can be used to set hair after hairstyling and hair hair softening properties. PROS-
  • Provides instant shine to hair.
  • Light weighed packaging.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not suitable for Oily hair.
  • Might give rise to hairfall.
  • The smell might bother the one's with sensitive nose.
I'm going to try this product again as it made my hair shiny and lustrous.  I would recommend this to those with lifeless and dull hair. This mini travel friendly product is easy to carry around in handbag. You can buy Bblunt Spotlight Hairpolish fromNYKAA and AMAZON    I would rate it 4/5   xoxo
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