BBLUNT's Climate Control Reviewed By It's Not Just Fashion

Sindhu Gupta from It's Not Just Fashion reviewed BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream. Check out what she has to say below.

The importance of good and healthy hair is something we have all read about. We always want to look our best, and our hair plays a major role in making us look good. With every season change, our hair behaves differently and all of us have different hair types. But one common problem we face is frizzy hair. Some day or the other, you experience this dull, frizziness in your hair which spoils your entire look.

I have very fine straight and almost silky hair. I would lie if I said my hair is always frizzy. But lately because of the move and water and weather change, my hair has lost its sheen and is very tangly and frizzy after wash. Since I have silky fine hair, applying serums make my hair look flatter and greasy. So I generally avoid serums. But that dint solve my problem. After being frustrated and dealing with hair issues, I finally got the opportunity to try this anti-frizz leave-in cream by BBLUNT. And the best part about it is, its from their climate control category. This is exactly the solution to my problem.


BBLUNT Climate control anti-frizz leave-in cream

Quantity 150g

Price INR 450

A few highlights of the product:

It is very light in texture and leaves the hair smooth without making it look greasy.

If you have straight hair, it does not make your hair look limp.

It does not have a strong smell so it is very good for people who have allergy issues.

Only a small amount of product is required. Hence, it۪s basically a good investment product.

Combing and styling hair post using this becomes very easy and time saving.

The product claims that its specially curated for Indian hair and also protects from environmental and heat styling damage.

How to use:

After washing your hair, towel dry your hair. (do not use hair dryer).

Once you۪re done drying, take a little amount of the cream (about 6-7 pumps for medium to long hair) on your palm and apply in on the middle and ends of your hair.

After applying scrunch your hair a little so that the product is evenly applied.

Strictly avoid applying it on the scalp, else you۪ll end up with a greasy scalp.

Voila, you now have smooth, tamable hair!


Expectation vs Reality 4/5

Quantity 4.5/5

Pricing 4/5

Packaging 4.5/5

Availability 3/5

Will I repurchase Yes

The product is available on various online stores and all BBLUNT salons.

This products works well for me. I am a person who doesn۪t likes to use a lot of product on the hair,and I have been using this one quite often. I۪m in love with it. A must try for those dealing with crazy hair post hair wash.

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