Beach Hairstyles You Need For Your Next Vacay

Are you ready for your next beach vacay? We know you’ve been working for that beach body and your perfect beach hair. You have come to the right place, we have what you have been looking for. These beach hairstyles are perfect to take your hair game up a notch! Read on to get ready for your next beach vacay with these beach hairstyles. Beach Hairstyles You Need For Your Next Vacay

1. Twisted Side Ponytail

Easy, chic and perfect to compliment your beach outfits. While you’re at the beach soaking in the sun, getting that perfect tan - you need your hair out of your face. The twisted side ponytail is the hairstyle for you. To get this hairstyle, begin by pinning a small section of your hair to the back of your head. Continue pulling small sections of your hair across and pinning them along the base of the neck. Make sure you continue the steps until you achieve all your hair at the side in a ponytail. Now, tie off the ponytail and wrap the remaining hair around the pony to cover the hair tie.
Goddess Braid @madimolique | Pinterest

2. Goddess Braid

Making a huge comeback the goddess braids are back in style better than ever! Celebs like Rihanna, Kylie, Ciara, and other stylish celebs are spotted in this gorgeous hairstyle. If you’re at the beach and want your hair out of your face you gotta try the goddess braid. To achieve this beach look, start by combing your hair to get rid of all knots. Now, apply some of the and comb it through your hair. This will give your hair a moisturized base to create your hairstyle further. Part your hair down in the middle. Tie one of half of your hair into a ponytail and leave the other half of it loose. Now, take a small section from the front of the loose hair and divide it into 3 equal parts. Braid the three parts individually till the end. There you have it, you’ll be looking like a goddess in no time! Side Swooped Braid Pony

3. Side Swooped Braid Pony

The side swooped braid is a fun way to hold your hair in one place while you’re at the beach. This side swooped braid is a mixture of sweet and sexy. Wanna get your beach hair going? To get this perfect beachy hairstyle, start by spraying some of the few inches away from your scalp. Now, rub it in and brush your hair with a paddle brush and comb it through. This will help you get rid of an oily scalp and make your hair look and feel refreshed and ready for the beach. Part your hair in a side partition and start braiding your hair with the rest of your hair. Continue braiding your hair until you reach the base of your neck and secure with bobby pins. Now, grab it all together and tie it in a ponytail. Finish it off, by teasing the hair left out of the braid to keep the fullness in place. Twisted Donut Bun

4. Twisted Donut Bun

Fond of donuts? So are we! Donut buns are our forever favourite. They are extremely versatile and can be paired with any hairstyle. It can be a low, high or side bun or even create a messy bun! To create this hairstyle, you will have to play around with your hair to get this right. Doesn’t it sound exciting? To achieve this look, start by combing your hair neatly and get rid of knots, if any. Push all your hair behind and tie a ponytail. Now, split the elastic bun into a ponytail accordingly. Then cover the bun with a small strand of your hair, you will have to hold your hair tight. Once your hair is covered, use another rubber band to secure the bun and spray some of the to get that glowy hair. Amazed by these beachy hairstyles? Check out Beach Hairstyles Inspired By Bollywood Ladies!
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