Beautifully Me Reviews Our Conditioner

Hi guys, today I’m going to review BBlunt Full On Volume Conditioner For Fine Hair.

BBLUNT is a brand which I never explored before. I don’t really experiment much with my hair and when it comes to shampoo I prefer sticking to Tresemme .

I have fine flat hair and on my second hair day I look really miserable. I usually wash my hair every alternative nights and I have long been looking for a conditioner that doesn’t weigh my hair down (mostly on the second hair day). After trying out several volumizing conditioner I got introduced to Matrix Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner for Fragile hair which kept my hair fabulous up to 2days and also reduced my hair fall to a great extent. But sadly after moving to a new address, I started loosing my hair like crazy, it was worse than ever. I thought that may be changing conditioner might help. So I ordered this conditioner online.

Packaging:As you can see, the packaging is really cute and funky. Anyone can fall for it just looking at the packaging.

My Experience:

I use it after removing excess water from my hair and keep it for around 3-4 mins. It washes away very easily and the aroma is heavenly. I’m literally obsessed with the fragrance but it doesn’t linger after the hair is dry.

The conditioner sure does give volume and bounce to hair but I felt that my hair turned a bit rough. The volume came down the next day but my hair didn’t look greasy at all. The hair fall problem remained as it was before changing the conditioner and am not sure if I’ll count a pros that it didn’t cause any more hair fall or may be a con because it didn’t do anything to my hair fall problem. ?

I guess it might work better on my hair if I towel dry my hair before using it instead of just removing the excess water from my hair. Either way I kindda like this product and will recommend it to any girl with fine flat hair. But I might not repurchase it as it contains Paraben.


Does what it claims
A little amount is required
Washes off easily
Great for girls with fine hair
Smells heavenly

Contains paraben
Made my hair a bit rough


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