Beauty Insider Magazine Reviews Born Again Shampoo

Beauty Insider Magazine reviews BBLUNT's Born Again Shampoo. Have a look at what they think about it! Rejuvenating Wash For Straight Hair: A hectic lifestyle has adverse effects on our hair which is easily the most ignored part of the body. In our daily routines, we miss out on regular oiling and turn to colouring and frequent shampooing to get quick results. This shines our hair from its natural moisture and leads to breakage and split ends. Most of the people are a victim of stressed hair, and I was no exception. So, when BBLUNT, India’s premier hair salon launched B System (a range of shampoos, conditioners, hair styling, colouring and transforming products), we had to check it out! Stressed hair needs some love to be revived back to life – healthy and smooth, the way it is meant to be. The ‘Born Again’ Shampoo features an elegant black bottle that looks professional and extremely stylish on the bath shelf! As I plumped some of the light purple coloured shampoo and massaged into my hair, I was enveloped in a mild sweet fragrance. The shampoo needs to be rinsed immediately. Infused with ingredients like quinoa – the protein with 8 essential amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, provitamin B5 and a unique colour protect formula, the shampoo strengthens the hair by giving back its vitality and shine. I followed this up with ‘Born Again’ Conditioner as recommended. Read our review of the ‘Born Again’ BBLUNT Conditioner for our final take on the products. Price: Rs. 500 for 400 ml Available at: All the BBLUNT salons and select departmental stores across India. Check out the article here.
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