8 Reasons Your Curly Hair Is Totally Awesome

Don’t be upset with your curls! They are the best thing you’ve got. Your curls look best when you do nothing to it. You’ll always have a voluminous look, by using absolutely no heat! So flaunt those curls ‘cause you’ve got it! 8 Reasons Your Curly Hair Is Totally Awesome

1. You always have the key to your locks after you wash your hair, you don’t need to wait for it to dry before you hit the pillow! Your wet hair magically turns into envious locks, (set without any product) the next morning.

2. Wash at your convenience Even if your hair is dirty and oily, your curls help you disguise it! Your hair still looks voluminous and bouncy.

3. Whatever the weather doesn’t affect your curls as much, so whether it’s hot or cold outside your curls stay intact and shiny.

4. Less damage Since your hair doesn’t require heat, or chemicals to look the way it does, there are fewer chances of you damaging it. So your hair looks fabulous and strong altogether!

5. Volume, volume and more volume Your curls give your hair more depth. Even if you have fine or thin hair your mane will always look voluminous!. Getting ready in minutes The best thing about curls is that you don’t have to comb it! You can just wake up and leave. You literally woke up like this! (Preach Beyoncé, preach!)

7. You can handle the frizz Sometimes the frizz makes your look come together! The frizz gives your hair that 80’s looking to it that you can sport with any look.

8. Blow dryer, ain’t nobody got time for that You don’t need the heat to get you looking neat. Just use some curling serum on to your hair and scrunch it up and leave it to dry. Your curls will set within minutes!

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