Pro-Vitamin B5 That Mane

We wish you’d throw back your hair and laugh, without a care in the world. However, we know all about the hair problems that can plague us, such as split ends or a flaky scalp. Good thing we know all about vitamins too, and trust us when we say this, Pro-Vitamin B5 is an unsung hero. This vitamin plays a critical role that is hard to exaggerate. Why is Vitamin B5 so important? Glad you asked. Pro-Vitamin B5 That Mane

1. Helps With Curls Oh, how we love to carefully perfect those curls. Vitamin B5 helps you do just that! As it brings nutrients to the hair, it strengthens them and increases the elasticity. This will have heads turning at your voluminous bouncy curls. Luscious thick curls are not a dream, just get enough Vitamin B5 on your side!

2. Prevents Hair Loss Is it just us who winces when we see our fallen strands in the comb? Or in the shower? Vitamin B5 is here to take care of that too. By strengthening the bases of the hair follicles and the strands themselves, it reduces hair fall and dandruff, in turn making the hair look super rich and thick. Double up and use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum which is designed to provide that extra boost of nourishment and gloss.

3. Hydration And Protection Worried about the heat and pollution of the Indian climate? Vitamin B5 to the rescue. This Vitamin is known to possess humectant-like properties. This simply results in the hair retaining moisture and hydration. The moisture works as a thin shield from the damaging pollutants in the atmosphere. This also works to prevent breakage. Having a bad hair day? Pro-Vitamin B5 ensures you have the last laugh! Also, take a look at Santoshi Shetty Reviews The BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum.

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