5 Reasons Why Having Short Hair Is Awesome

Have you heard the terms good riddance to bad rubbish or cut it out also, cut the crap? Well, there's a reason why leaving behind something or cutting it out of your life are given so much importance, it empowers you! It's kind of our motto. We're not saying that long luscious locks are bad. In fact, they're mystical! Who doesnt like getting lost in the maze of your never-ending mane, but short is and always will be, hot! We all know what you'll are thinking, that's too much of a commitment. But, once you go short, you never go back! If your heart wants to cut it all off, go ahead and do it! Life is short, so even your hair should be right? (You see what we did there?) If you're in a dilemma, were here to help you make the choice. Check out why going short is absolutely awesome.

5 Reasons Why Having Short Hair Is Awesome

1. The shorter the hair, the harder they stare Well yes, if you're a girl sporting anything different or edgy, those glares are bound to come! But don't worry, that just means you're awesome and they're wondering how they would look in your haircut.

2. Styling time cut by half Styling those long locks takes considerably longer in the morning than fabulous short hair would. Just wake up, put in some product, and go take over the world ladies.

3. Accessories are life Short hair looks good with anything, be it a popping pink lipstick shade or a bold gold bangle. Pair your short hair with a brave choice of accessories and make a statement!

4. Short hair makes you happier! Yes ladies, it's true! Cutting it all off kind of makes you feel less burdened. You feel more free, bubbly, and happier. So if you're feeling sad, its time to go short.

5. It enhances your confidence Everyone knows that girls with short hair are bolder, more confident, and point-blank, awesome! Short hair gives you the confidence to take over the world, you have no hair to hide behind and let's face it, youre embracing your best self.

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