Best Airport Hair Looks For This Season

Do you gush over celebrity airport looks? So do we, celebrity airport looks are always trending and every time they bring out something we all take lessons from! If you’re travelling anytime soon and wondering how to style your hair, let us bring you the best hair looks which you can style the next time you’re travelling. Let’s take a look at the best airport looks for this season.


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 1. Malaika Arora with Hair Twisties

It is a no brainer that you don’t want any heavy hairstyle to carry while travelling. The lighter the better, hence these twisties in the fringe make your look neater and lighter.


  2.  Neha Sharma with The Blow Out


Nothing can go wrong with fresh hair blowouts! Whether it is an event, casually stepping out or styling your hair for the airport. A fresh blowout can make your hair manageable and stand out as well.


   3.  Shilpa Shetty with Beachy Waves

Sport these beachy waves at the airport and carry them effortlessly. They are easy to style and can go with every look of yours.

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