Which Is The Best Hair Colour For Women

The BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour comes in 7 amazing shades- Black, Honey, Coffee, Wine, Mahogany, Blueberry, and Chocolate. This Salon Secret range, enriched with silk proteins, is specially created for Indian Hair, and gives you revolutionary gorgeous and shiny hair colour right at home! Find out which is the best hair colour for your skin tone. Which Is The Best Hair Colour For Women

1. Salon Secret Chocolate Hair Colour This hair colour will suit warmer skin tones well. It is enriched with silk proteins and provides luminous and shiny hair in 30 minutes.

2. Salon Secret Honey Hair Colour If you're looking for a true cool colour result, this shade is the perfect one for you. The honey tones in this shade add a rich glow to your hair without causing any damage to your hair.

3. Salon Secret Mahogany Hair Colour A rich dark blend of red and brown gives you a Mahogany shade and is suited best for warmer skin tones. It also provides you with 100% grey coverage on grey hair and a tint of colour on natural hair.

4. Salon Secret Coffee Hair Colour This shade adds instant shine and colour to your hair at home and transforms it from being dull to soft, smooth, and shiny. It compliments cooler skin tones best!

5. Salon Secret Black Hair Colour This shade suits both warm and cool skin tones. It lasts for up to 8 weeks and gives you incredible shiny black hair.

6. Salon Secret Wine Hair Colour If you love to make a statement with your hair, this shade is the perfect option. It leans more towards cooler skin tones. The Salon Secret shades come with a tube of shine tonic, which is to be mixed with the colourant and the developer in a bowl, to give you epic shiny hair.

7. Salon Secret Blueberry Hair Colour This colour is suited best towards cooler skin tones and compliments your personality. It is completely ammonia free and gives you the ultimate makeover at home without causing any hair damage.

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