Best Hair Colour Ideas For Women Over 30

Being the quintessential millennial, we all fret hitting the big 30. As we enter this age bracket, we start having apprehensions about our skin and hair and rightfully so. The right hairstyle can take years off your face while the wrong one might just make you look older. The biggest task when changing your mane game is selecting the correct shade of hair colour. As we get older, our complexion becomes duller and paler. The right hair colour is the most painless way to look decades younger, while the wrong one can have the effect of washing you out. Let us look into some of the best hair colour ideas for women over 30.

1. Soft Black

If you are the one who has played a lot with hair colours while you were younger and looking to switch it up, then the black hair colour is an excellent choice. It works best for people with cool undertones. A cool black hair colour shade will give a natural shine to the hair while keeping the greys at bay. This hair colour shade makes facial texture appear smoother. Get your hands on the to get that perfect black hair colour shade but with the added layer of shine.

2. Honey Brown

This warm brunette hair colour shade looks really natural on people with olive skin tones and flatters bronze skin as well. If you are someone with a warm undertone, then definitely keep this hair colour shade in mind. Grab the to achieve stunning results from the comfort of your home. For a more youthful look, pair this hair colour shade with slightly darker eyebrows.

3. Trendy Burgundy

If you are the one who loves following trends and is not ready to give it up just yet, then definitely give the a try. As we grow older, our cell renewal slows down, making the skin look less luminous than it was before. A vibrant hair colour shade like burgundy gives the appearance of younger and radiant skin because it reflects light onto the face the same way healthy and youthful skin would.

4. Sassy Chocolate

If you have thin and straight hair and are looking to add some volume to the same, then the chocolate hair colour shade is meant for you. This rich and vibrant hair colour shade will help you to fake some volume into your limp mane. Going for a darker and richer hair colour helps in blending the pre-existing grey hair more easily. Skip the hassle of salon appointments and trips by getting the right away. Easy to apply and surprisingly reasonable, this hair colour shade will leave you looking marvellous in no time!

5. Brewed Coffee

There is a reason people across the globe prefer not only their coffee strong but also love the beverage shade on their hair. Regardless of your natural hair colour, coffee is a hair colour shade that will make for a great switch. If you do not have the time or the budget for salon appointments, go for the and get your mane coloured from the comfort of your home at just Rs.185! We are not saying that you need to switch your style as soon as the clock strikes 12 but entering your 30s is the next big phase of your life and you deserve to look nothing less than your radiant and sassy self. With these amazing hair colour ideas, your 30s will really be the new twenty! Want to try a gorgeous new hair colour shade but afraid to do it? Check out, the 5 Hair Colour Myths You Should Ignore.
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