Best Hairstyles Seen In 2018

While we’re just as surprised as you to realize that January has almost come to an end, we thought it would be a great idea to look back at all the hairstyles from 2018 that made us lust over them. With a shift towards more carefree hairstyles that help in showing off the natural texture, 2018 was the year many of us finally found the style that works for us — and we don't plan on retiring it anytime soon. For others, who were afraid to experiment and yet are hunting for that perfect hairstyle, let us take a look back at all the hairstyles that floored us and made a permanent place in our hearts.
half bun hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @dianapenty

1. Half Bun

Long or short, the length of the hair did not matter when it came to this hairstyle. In fact, men too started sporting this look! The big perk of this hairstyle is that you can make a half bun work for any occasion and any hair type or length. All you need to do is first prep your hair with the to add the required bounce and volume. Then, simply separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half, making it into a bun and securing the same with a hair tie.
fringe hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest

2. Curtain Fringe

Bangs made a huge impact in the year, 2018, and with a lot of variations. But the single most trending one has to be the curtain fringe hairstyle. That is the long, tapered, mysterious-meets-chic look that works for every texture and length. Fringes can be versatile too, you can wear them on the side or separate them in the middle. It is the rare look where you can fake a fresh hair chop with sharper fringes.
slicked back hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @therealkareenakapoor

3. Slicked Back

The sexy and sultry slicked back hairstyle has been a favourite of the celebrities, especially the ones from tinsel town and has often been spotted on the red carpet. Fortunately, this look is not very difficult and time-consuming to create, especially if you have straight hair. Just take some of the rub it into your palms and apply to the mane while pushing it back. This will give you the wet look and will make the hair stay in place.
low ponytail hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @anushkasharma

4. Low Ponytail

Classic yet trendy, the low ponytail has always been a preference for everyone and the year 2018 did not prove to be any different. The key take in this hairstyle is, however, the parting. You can either do the centre-parting or a side-parting. However, always remember to keep it clean by doing so with the help of a tail comb. The next step is to comb your hair back towards the nape of the neck into a ponytail. Finish off by spraying the to give a dazzling shine to the hairstyle.
bob haircut Courtesy: Instagram| @yamigautam

5. L.A Bob

The hairstyle that ruled the runway and many red carpet appearances in 2018, was the sleek and sexy, LA bob hairstyle. And why not? It is easy to maintain and takes less time to style than most haircuts. The bonus point? You can shake things up by styling it in various ways. But remember it is essential to prep your hair with the as it will help you in rocking this look, making your mane healthy and shiny. These were some of our top picks of the most trending hairstyles of 2018. Did yours make it to the list? In the run to follow all the hair trends, we end up experimenting a lot on our mane, the end result being dry and damaged hair. Take a break and see How To Style Dry And Damaged Hair
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