Best Hairstyles With A Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is one tool that can be used in a million ways and can take you places with your hair game. From quirky hairstyles to basic looks if you have a hair straightener on your vanity, you don’t need any other tool. Why use the hair straightener only in one way when you can switch things up? We have collated 5 hairstyles for you to create with the hair straightener.

  1. Beach Waves

Get ready in seconds with these stunning beach waves! These waves are not just for the beach, you can sport them on a casual day as well. To achieve this hairstyle, start by applying some BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum BBLUNT Friday Night Fever TrioBBLUNT Smooth Hair Duo, BBLUNT Soft Hair Duo, BBLUNT Intense Moisture Trio on your strands to give your hair the moisture and protection from the heat styling. Now, divide your hair into sections and start wrapping your hair around the straightner following an inward direction. Once done, run your fingers through your hair and make those waves fall out. Finish off the look by spraying some of the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For High Shine & BBLUNT Friday Night Fever Trio which will make your hair glow and shine in the sun.

  1. Wavy Hairstyle

If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re quite lucky! But if you’re one of those who can’t decide between straight and curly hair we have the right fix for you. Wavy hairstyle with a hair straightner is a complete win. Here’s how? Start by spraying on some of the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo In Beach Please & BBLUNT Dry Shampoo Mini Trio it will help do a smooth job of absorbing extra grease and grime and also help revamp your hair in seconds. Now, section your hair into two parts and with the help of a hair straightner wrap the ends of your hair. Once done, brush out your hair with the help of a paddle brush. This will help remove the stiffness of the hair and naturally fall into waves! Easy peasy?

    3. Loose Outward Waves

Waves, waves and waves! There are various types of waves but these loose outward ones can be a pefect match for you if you have long hair. To achieve loose outward waves, start by sectioning your hair into two sections and start plaiding each side into three sections. Yeah, the good old plaids are going to come handy in here. Now, run the straightener over your plaids and hold them for a few seconds. Once done take off the plaids and brush your hair with the help of your fingers. To get that soft touch to your hair apply some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum BBLUNT Friday Night Fever TrioBBLUNT Smooth Hair Duo, BBLUNT Soft Hair Duo, BBLUNT Intense Moisture Trio this will provide an extra boost of nourishment and gloss to your hair.

  1. Luscious Curls

Love those luscious curls? What if we tell you, you can achieve those with a hair straightner too? Yes, you read that right! Bouncy long curls are possible with a hair straightner too. Don’t limit yourself with the hair straightner go ahead and experiment. To curl your hair with a hair straightner, start by spraying some of the BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Mist on your hair to protect your hair from the heat styling tools. Next, start dividing your hair into sections, now, take one section and twist it around your hair straightner and hold it for a couple of seconds. Repeat the steps for all the sections and voila! There you have it luscious curls with the hair straightner!

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