Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

While you're busy figuring out a gazillion things about your bridal look, we'll give you one less thing to worry about: your bridal hairstyle. It’s quite possible to get overwhelmed with the variety of options out there for Indian bridal hairstyles. So, whether you decide to go full-on bridal with a single/double dupatta, or a something more bride-chilla with a floral tiara or some other hair accessory, you'll need an equally perfect wedding hairstyle to go along with it.

Fishtail Covered With Flowers

 Sonam Kapoor’s messy braid that came till her waist which she wore for her mehendi was definitely a game changer and a trendsetter. It’s predicted to be spotted on a lot of brides in the coming times! It was a very traditional Indian bridal hairstyle with a beautiful long fishtail braid and a lot of mogras. It’s a great option for a bride looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Cascading Waterfall Braids

 Twisty & romantic, this side swept cascading braid is beautiful and elegant for all your wedding and prewedding affairs. The dainty flowers used in this marriage hairstyle taking the entire bridal look up a notch. Create a deep side part and brush out any knots in your hair. Grab a section of hair in the front and divide it into three equal pieces. Begin braiding by putting the back piece over the middle one. Follow by placing the front section in the middle. Drop the new front piece. Now, add new hair to the back section and move it to the centre. Take a fresh part in the front from a slightly lower section, thus creating the cascading effect. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the desired length and secure with a clear elastic. Spray some of the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine & BBLUNT Friday Night Fever Trio for that shiny hair. Voila! You’ll be wedding ready in no time!

Open Hair With Top Soft Knot

 There’s nothing better than to show off your long locks then to let them cascade down your shoulder. Tie them half up to make them stay in place and add some dainty flowers to give your wedding hairstyle a more appealing look.

Messy Voluminous Princess Braid With Ringlets

 So you want to go full dramatic on your wedding day, huh? Well, then there is no indian bridal hairstyle than a messy voluminous braid. This stunning marriage hairstyle will give volume to your hair and accentuates your bridal look. Blowdry your hair with the help of a round brush to get relatively straight hair. Prep your hair with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum BBLUNT Friday Night Fever TrioBBLUNT Smooth Hair Duo, BBLUNT Soft Hair Duo, BBLUNT Intense Moisture Trio by applying it on the roots and mid-lengths of your hair. Divide your hair horizontally from ear to ear into two sections and separate them with 2 hair elastics so that you end up with 2 ponytails on top of each other. On the lower ponytail, insert the hair donut. From the top ponytail, pick up a 1 inch section of hair, roll it into a ringlet, and secure it onto the hair donut using bobby pins. Repeat this process until all the hair from both the ponytails has been rolled and pinned up to the donut in a manner that covers and hides the donut completely. Use loads of strong hold hairspray to ensure the rolled up ringlets do not unravel. Finish off by wrapping the gajra around the perimeter of your updo and securing it in place with the help of bobby pins.

The Messy Floral Bun

 These messy buns are perfect for both, straight hair and curly hair beauties. These buns make for great wedding hairstyles for curly hair. They are best to beat the scorching summer heat too! To get yourself a messy bun hairstyle, start by grabbing your hair together and tying them into a bun. Next, with the help of a brush loosen the bun a bit to get the messy outcome. Now, place flowers on the bun to make it a floral bun!

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