Best Looks Of Hina Khan

Hina Khan is one of the most celebrated actresses of the Indian television industry. If you happen to stalk her like us on Instagram, you will realise that she is indeed a true diva. From traditional to western, she can rock any look. Unlike her contemporaries, Hina is willing to experiment with her style every now and then. She knows how to make heads turn by turning up at events in ensembles that are proper style statements. From cornrows to elegant waves, she really plays with her hairstyles a lot. Let us look into some of the hairstyles that this new age Komolika has donned till date.
hina khan straight hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

1. Slicked Back

Nothing looks more sexy and sultry than wet slicked back hair. How glamorous does she look! Fortunately, this look is not very difficult and time-consuming to create, especially if you have straight hair. Just take some of the rub into your palms and apply to the mane while pushing it back. This will give you the wet look and will make the hair stay in place.
hina khan curly hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

2. Twirl It

Hina knows how to add drama to an outfit by going for the right hairstyle like these crunchy twirls. To get this look, prep your hair with the that will give the much needed enhancement to your twirls. Then divide your hair into sections and with the help of a narrow barrel curling tong, curl your mane. Tease it a bit to give a more natural and voluminous effect.
hina khan bun hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

3. Un-kept Bun

As soon as you are done gawking over her hot body, you can see how Hina turns up the heat in the gym with her style statements. We love how she gave an unusual twist to a normal bun. She literally has just twisted her hair into a shapeless bun. The best part? There is no correct way to do this hairstyle! You can cheat your way into the perfect unkempt bun by always carrying the in your gym bag to get the instant freshness that your mane requires post-workout.
hina khan half-bun hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

4. Half-Bun

We all are very familiar with the half-bun hairstyle, thanks to so many celebrities sporting it. But when it comes to Hina, she likes to twist things up. Hence, she added edge to the half-bun hairstyle by adding some braids to it. All you need to do is start by applying some of the This will ensure that the hair is manageable and smooth. Next, create 3-4 braids taking sections of hair around the crown area. Then take half of the hair and tie it into a bun.
hina khan cornrow hairstyle 
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

5. Cornrows

Hina was seen sporting this edgy hairstyle during the TV reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi. It is not easy to pull off a hairstyle as quirky as the cornrows, but she aced this look. It is essential to keep the frizz at bay when trying this hairstyle. Ensure that you keep the frizz away in any climate by using the
hina khan wavy hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @realhinakhan

6. Loose Waves

We all love this hairstyle and so does Hina Khan. So much so, that this is her signature hairstyle for her famous character, Komolika in the hit TV series, Kasauti Zindagi Ki. She gives it a more precise definition by keeping a clean middle-parting. The loose wavy hairstyle looks more attractive on coloured hair, especially with shades of brown. Go for the for those sassy waves. While you pick your favourite Hina Khan hairstyle, feed your eyes with some glittering Bollywood celeb images by checking out, Vogue Women Of The Year Awards 2018
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