Best Men's Haircuts For Their Face Shape

Get the right look according to your face structure, whether you are square, round or oval we have got all the styles that will turn heads around. Check out the cut that would suit you! Best Men's Haircuts For Their Face Shape

1. Square Your face is angular and most masculine. Tight haircuts look the best on you, so always go for those close fades and short layers. You can carry off any haircut you desire, and that̢‰s the beauty of your face.

2. Round For this structure, focus on adding volume on the top and keep the sides tight. Flat top haircuts and pompadours are the best options for your face shape type. Most angular cuts like front fringes, faux hawks will compliment your face to no end.

3. Triangle Longer haircuts that hang to the side are ones you should go for. Lots of styling is needed to get your look going. The sides must be kept fuller and the angle of the cut should be much rounder. This will help balance your structure out.

4. Oval Owing to this balanced face shape, any style will look suave on you. The swept or windblown look will work best to create both volume and enough length. Don̢‰t go for cuts which give you tons of volume on the top as it will make your face appear rounder.

5. Heart Keep it long at the back and over the years. Mid-length cuts work perfectly for your face shape. Steer clear of all those tight hairstyles as they focus on all the unappealing features.

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