The Ultimate Serum For Your Mane

It’s not always bright and shiny when dealing with the sun in these scorching summers! Dealing with dry and dull hair in this summer heat can be exhausting. BBLUNT introduces the ultimate serum for your mane to keep your dry hair under control, provide intense moisture and make hair more manageable from one use. The Ultimate Serum For Your Mane 1. Troublesome Thick Hair A thick mane definitely makes heads turn but to maintain the same can be a nightmare. A pump of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum can instantly add some gloss and glow to your hair and revamp it almost instantly. 2. Curated Especially For You The Intense Moisture Hair Serum is created keeping in mind the Indian environment, humidity and hair quality. It is a product that actually understands your needs better than you and gives you endless results. 3. Perfect Hydration For The Summer Your hair, just like you needs to be hydrated through the heat. The Intense Moisture Hair Serum provides protection for your hair through heat and styling by keeping it continuously hydrated throughout so that you never need to worry about dry and dull hair. 4. Extra Boost Of Nourishment For the days that your hair requires some hydration from all the heat and styling, you can grab a pump of the Intense Moisture Hair Serum that’s enriched with Avocado, Jojoba, Argan Oils and Vitamin E. 5. Easy To Use All you need is a coin sized amount of the product which can be applied onto the mid-lengths and roots of your hair. It’s best to use this product on damp hair to achieve the hydrated healthy look. Check out the Headband Braided Tutorial to flaunt your nourished hair.
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