How Bipasha Basu Sets The Trend We Love To Follow

                              Courtesy: Pinterest Bipasha Basu rocks the glamour world not only with her sizzling hot body but also with her super cool hairstyles. Every time she made a cut, she emerged as an even bigger fashion sensation. Here are some of the chic hairstyles from this babe. How Bipasha Basu Sets The Trend We Love To Follow Bipasha basu Courtesy: 1. Inverted Bob People are always scared of cutting their long hair but not Bips. She chopped off her long locks quite daringly for this sexy inverted bob. Her hair was coloured to a crisp dark brown and we must say, she looked every bit of a diva that she is. Bipasha basu Courtesy: 2. Chic Bob No one carries a bob as ravishingly as Bips. Last year, she was seen gracing a chic bob hair cut with dishevelled waves. The wavy texture was accentuated with golden highlights. To tame your curl and keep them soft and manageable for long, use BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream.  Bipasha basu Courtesy: 3. Fringe Bips has sported a fringe on several occasions and it is her signature hairstyle. We must say that the gorgeous actress takes fringe to an all new level. Her box fringe with blonde highlights was too sexy a hairdo and became an instant hit with the young ladies. If you want to enjoy a fringe without cutting your hair then go for BBLUNT The Fringe Straight Fringe Clip-On Hair Extension. Check out top celebrity bang hairstyles.
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