Bling & The Belle Reviews Our Dry Shampoo

Bling & The Belle reviews our Dry Shampoo! Check out what she has to say about it. BBlunt Back to Life Dry shampoo has been a product that I wanted to have from the time it had been launched. I was not very sure about the product but I saw Nykaa had a mini size of this dry shampoo, hence I wasted no more time and ordered it right away. Using a lot of products on the hair can damage the hair to a large extent hence, my doubts regarding dry shampoo made me go for a mini size rather than a full size product. I am sure that most of you are well aware of dry shampoo by now, and for the innocent rest, dry shampoo is basically a shampoo in the form of a spray. There is no usage of water with the dry shampoo. Product details: Packaging: The product comes in a metallic spray can with a transparent lid. The can is very travel friendly, thanks to the size. The details regarding the dry shampoo are mentioned on the bottle itself. Price:250/- 30ml My take on BBlunt back to life Dry Shampoo: BBlunt dry shampoo is apparently customized for Indian hair. Although I am not sure how true that claim is, but that makes us go one step further to get this shampoo. So I ordered mine from Nykaa. This dry shampoo has a very pleasant smell, which sadly does not last long. Let me first tell you that I have a wavy hair, and it is prettymanageablemost of the times but yes, if i do not washmy hair for more than 2 days then it tends to get oily. That is the time when i need a rescue operation for my hair. So to test this product, I chose the third day after washing my hair, I had also curled my hair earlier that day. I made four sections of my hair and sprayed it and allowed it to soak up the goodness of the chemicals for good two minutes!! and then I gently brushed the product into my hair to evenly spread it across. And then....BOOOM!!! My hair was transformed from oily broom to fresh, silky soft hair. I mean noexaggerationhere,neitheram I paid to review this. I seriously am putting forth myopinion when I say that this product is an amazing thing and it really does transform your hair. My hair instantly felt like I have just washed it and it did smell awesome too. This dry shampoo works very well on those days, when you are in no mood to wash your hair but you want your hair to feel gorgeous. Now all good things said, let me also tell you that do not leave this product on your hair for more than a day or two. Asthe effect of the dry shampoo does not last for more than a day. Therefore it is better that you wash your hair the next day as that will avoid the product buildup in the scalp. I would conclude by saying that this product isdefinitelya good one to save your hair on any day but do not leave iton your hair for many days. I love this Bblunt dry shampoo and have been using it quite often. Now I shalldefinitelypurchase a full size product :) Pros: Affordable Pleasant fragrance Amazing results Easy to use Travel friendly Easily available Cons Effects lasts only for a few hours Directions to use: Readthedirections carefully Shake the bottle well. Now hold the bottle upright and keep it around a six inch distance and spray it into the hair in sections, close to the roots. Leave it for around two minutes and then run your fingers through your hair and brush gently. This will help the dry shampoo to spread out evenly. My hair felt awesome, like I just washed it!! Rating: 4/5 I loved Bblunt Dry shampoo for its results, price and fragrance. If you want to try a dry shampoo, then I woulddefinitelyrecommend you Bblunt dry shampoo and I know you will love it. Have you tried Bblunt dry shampoo or do you recommend any other other dry shampoo? If yes, then do comment below. Lots of Love Divya Rechesh

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