Blonde And Orange Is The New Trend

Courtesy: The Singapore Womens Weekly

This blonde and orange (Blorange) hue is the new hair colour to watch out for. This combination looks great on most complexions. Once you check out whats below, you will definitely be crushing over this colour. Blonde And Orange Is The New Trend 1. The Shade This name comes from blood orange, which is a fruit that has a special red tinted colour. Under the sun, it looks like a pastel combination. The colour could also pass off as a combination of peach and strawberry. 2. Its Universal It looks great on all hair lengths and every hair type! Whether you have wavy or straight hair, this Blorange shade will look absolutely sexy on you. 3. My Way Use the shade any way you want! You can colour just the ends of your hair, or just the layers and it will still look ultra-chic. 4. For Warmer Skin Tones You will rock this style to a 100 with a bit of pink. Use the Blorange colour with a hint of pink to go perfectly with your skin tone. 5. New Colours The more you wash your hair, the more the colour will develop. At times, you will see a red or a pink, but thats all just your Blorange hair colour!
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