Boardroom Hairstyles In Less Than 10 Minutes

Dont have enough time to groom your hair, before those important meetings? Take a look at these hairstyles that you could style within minutes. Look stylish and sophisticated all day. 5 Boardroom Hairstyles In Less Than 10 Minutes 1. Wear The Crown For medium to long hair, you can let this hairstyle keep your hair long luscious and still out of your face while you are working. Just braid the two sections of your hair and spritz some hairspray to make it set to perfection. how-to-wear-your-curls-as-a-crown1 2. Do It Low Turn that low casual ponytail to an elegant weaved tail. This style requires no heat and helps you hide a bad hair day with ease. This sophisticated hairstyle will never let you down. how-to-wear-your-curls-as-a-crown2 3. French Influence Just wrap, tuck, pin and you are done! When your hair is oily and you dont have enough time to style it right, just make a French roll and your hair will be in place. how-to-wear-your-curls-as-a-crown3 4. Up Do For Short Hair Look elegant in this ponytail up do. All you need is a few bobby pins, hairspray and an elastic band. You can tie your ponytail higher or lower, whichever way you please. how-to-wear-your-curls-as-a-crown4 5. Braided Bun To put a bit of a twist to your usual bun, add a braid to it. You can both braid the front and keep your bun simple, or you could make a braided bun, by twisting three sections of your hair and then tying it up with an elastic band. how-to-wear-your-curls-as-a-crown5
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