8 Bobby Pin Hacks To Style Your Hair

Bobby pins are a gift to women of all ages. These little metal wonders can do a lot more than just holding your hair together. Let۪s have a look at some tips and hacks using bobby pins. 8 Bobby Pin Hacks To Style Your Hair 1. The Right Way Did you know that most of us wear bobby pins in the wrong direction! The correct way to wear it is facing the curvy part of the pin downwards and the straight side is facing upwards. This gives our hair a better grip. 2. Oomph That Pony Bored of the plain old pony tail? Insert a couple of bobby pins straight up into the part of your elastic band below the ponytail. The pins will give your ponytail a boost and your hair will hide the pins! 3. The Bobby Triangle Want to try a cool new look using just bobby pins? Cross two sections of your hair over one another in the back of your head, and slip a bobby pin horizontally over the crossed section. Then slide two bobby pins up diagonally on the right and left sides to make a triangle. 4. And We Twist Wanna get those annoying strands of hair out of your face with style? Twist your hair back and slide a bobby pin in the middle of your hair. The hair will hide the pin and you'll have an elegant curl lock holding the hair back from all over your face. 5. Make It Last Long After a while, bobby pins get stretched apart by your hair due to common wear and tear. The solution to make it fit perfectly like before is simple. Just use a pair of pliers to bend it back into place. 6. Do The Bob Bobby pins are a gift for long haired women who want to get a perfect bob for a day or two. Give your hair some finger waves, and then tuck the ends of your hair up and under the top sections and pin them in for an instant bob! 7. Hairspray, Not Just For The Hair A few whizzes of hairspray on bobby pins before wearing them, improves the grip and keeps your hairstyle set for longer. 8. Hair Candy Tired of losing bobby pins? These tiny clips are extremely useful but we can all admit that we have misplaced many of them. The best way to store them is in an empty Tic Tac container. Simple, isn۪t it?
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