Bold Hair Diaries With BBLUNT Review By Beyond That Bouffant

I get asked so many questions regarding my hair, how I style it, what products I used, How do I maintain my hair colour etc. My hair is home to many products which I use after every wash. But using so many products has definitely had a negative impact, at the end of the day my hair is a chemical bound weave of frizz. One of the main problems I suffer with is dry and frizzy hair. I was keen on trying the new & latest product from bblunt - TheBblunt - climate control anti frizz leave-in cream. Most of the hair creams that I have used in the past weighs down my hair and looses its volume, but this one is different, to begin with I am sucker for hair products that smell great & this one surely does. I apply it on my damp hair before drying and it goes on perfectly smooth. It instantly softens it and doesn't ruin the natural texture of my hair. The main cause of frizzy hair is lack of moisture and this product provides instant nourishment. The ends of my hair remain smooth all day long since the product is very light-weight.
Its a great product andI woulddefinitelyrecommend it, its the only product you need to have to fight humidity and frizzy hair. Trust me your hair will love you for it,
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Aashna Bhagwani
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