Bollywood Celebrities Vote For Mumbai

Our B-Town biggies always endeavor to entertain as well as inspire their fans. It was a delightful moment to see that despite of the hectic schedules, our celebs were seen marching to the voting booth during the BMC elections. They inspired their fans to do the same and fulfil their responsibility as a valuable citizen. Check out the celebrities proudly flaunting their dotted fingers. Bollywood Celebrities Vote For Mumbai Shaharukh khan 1. Shahrukh Khan King Khan was spotted in a casual tee and military pants with his signature hairstyle. John Abraham 2. John Abraham The hunk looked carefreely dressed in a white tee and black track pants. He looked quite the responsible guy with a bearded face and neatly partitioned hair. Kiran Rao Khan 3. Kiran Rao Khan Kiran was seen sporting a comfortable floral frock and her signature curls and glasses. sachin Tendulkar 4. Sachin Tendulkar The men in blue was seen with his wife. The ageless star looked as fresh and energetic as ever. Ranveer Singh 5. Ranveer Singh Spotted in an unbelievable bright ensemble, Ranveer sure stood out with his version of Macho Man. Shraddha Kapoor 6. Shraddha Kapoor The young star had arrived with her mom and she looked super chic with her patented side-partitioned straight hair. vivek oberoi 7. Vivek Oberoi The star was seen with his entire family and looked quite the man draped in white and blue. hema malini 8. Hema Malini The dream girl looked gorgeous as ever in her red and blue floral punjabi and loose partitioned hair. If you are a fan of Bollywood, check out these celebrity airport looks, here.
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