Come On! Let’s #BoycottBoycut!

“You look like a man”, “Did you go through a break-up”, “You don’t look feminine at all”, or perhaps, a question for the ages, “What is wrong with you?" Ah, and the list goes on! Are these some of the stereotypes/jibes you got to hear when you decided to chop off your locks and go short? Well, there are various short haircuts that have been considered to be male-like; case in point, pixie cut, crop cut, and the one that aches our heart the ‘Boycut’!  

Don’t you think that a haircut is a universal commodity? By that logic, wrapping it under the garb of gender isn’t fair at all. It’s 2021, and we have to stop this now! Even our go-to pal, Google, ranks pictures of women if you were to search the term ‘Boycut’. So, the issue seems to be pervasive and problematic at large. 

This International Women’s Day, join BBLUNT in taking charge and challenging this antediluvian norm with ‘#BoycottBoycut’

Back In The Day...

The era where femininity was associated with long, waist-length locks is far gone! Today, your femininity has got nothing to do with the volume of hair on your head. Even if you flip through the political pages of history, you will witness some of the powerful boss ladies of the ages donning ‘no-nonsense’ haircuts. From Indira Gandhi to Margaret Thatcher, these revolutionary personalities have shown us that your hair can’t dictate the norms. Only you can! 

Likewise, American paralympic athlete Deja Young has also shown the world what it's like to sport short hair and ace the game! In an interview with HuffPost, the 24-year-old was quoted saying, “I’m not saying that you have to find your true beauty by shaving your head, but I believe a woman should go through it at least once to explore a different side of herself.” Now, ain’t that true on so many levels?

The World Of Glitz And Glam!

Let’s go back to the early ’50s, where the late legendary icon Audrey Hepburn flaunted the ‘Boycut’ with pomp and swag. She was and is considered to be the epitome of elegance even today. But fast forward to the future, and actors such as Anushka in PK or Kangana in Tanu Weds Manu 2 are considered to be wild or rebellious and characterized with masculine traits? Just because of their short haircut? Or just because the said haircut has the word “boy” in it. Duh! 

“What’s In A Name?”

This Shakespearan quote has been wildly blown out of proportion over the centuries. So, what’s in a name, really? Well, for starters, an identity! We’ve been conditioned to associate identity with name. So when it comes to ‘Boycut’ (last time we use this word, I swear!), don’t you think that the name enforces a masculine identity? 

Thanks to the influence of Indian cinema and pop culture, there’s been some help in challenging this notion, but the fight continues.

#BoycottBoycut: A Revolution

BBLUNT, being the most-loved haircare brand in India, always wishes to encourage women for who they are. With this in mind, let’s come together to rename the primitive nomenclature for this hairstyle and redefine it.

Let’s #BoycottBoycut!

BBLUNT’s eclectic founder Adhuna Bhabani shared her experience with this haircut in a short video posted on Instagram. “Almost 30 years ago, when I first came to India with my short hair, it was the first time I heard someone call it - a ‘boycut’. I learned that being a woman with a short haircut meant that people here would perceive you as unattractive, masculine, or even quirky, whereas as a professional, I can tell you that every short hairstyle is unique, and so is the woman wearing it.”

“You need to appreciate the individuality of all these amazing hairstyles and not club them all together under one umbrella term. Let’s boycott the boycut!”

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How Can You Participate in this Revolution?

Do you have it in you to bring about a revolution? Then we would love for you to join us on our quest. It’s difficult, but with your help, we’re sure to achieve the results.

    1. Head on to your social media handles and post a picture of you with short hair, or that of someone rocking this hairstyle using the (hashtag) #BoycottBoyCut. 
    2. You can also spread the word by re-sharing our Instagram post on @bbluntindia with #BoycottBoycut. 
    3. Lastly, use #BoycottBoycut, #choosetochallenge and #IWD2021and type in a creative, gender-neutral suggestion for this look on our Instagram post. 

Go nuts! It's your time to be blunt and bring about a revolution!


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