How To Add Shine To Your Braided Hair

Ever experimented with trying out different braids? Braids can be an everyday look. You can customize your braids to make them party perfect! These tips on how to add that perfect shine to your braids will help you stand out from the crowd and get that #Instaworthy picture you have always wanted. How To Add Shine To Your Braided Hair 1. Double Dutch Dime These are simple everyday braids. Adding a bit of glitter will complement these nicely! All you need to do is apply a load of glitter and gems straight onto the roots – down the middle parting where your braids split. Spread the glitter down evenly, close to your parting. To spread evenly you can use a makeup brush. 2. Bun Beautiful For a fun, quirky look – add a gold or silver glitter powder right down the middle of your parting, with your 2 bubbly buns either side. There you go, have some fun with your bun! 3. Plaits Please! Having a side plait-braid can sometimes seem boring! But don’t stress, adding a touch of glitter can pump up your look! Simply add a load of glitter and different colour gems onto your plait from top to bottom. These can be placed randomly or evenly – whatever suits you! Keep Shining! 4. Open Optimist Even if you have one braid down the middle of your open hair – you can still glitz it up! You can simply add the glitter down your centre braid, or if you’re looking for something more edgy – add a load of glitter horizontally in 2 lines. Start at the top from of your head (where your hair starts) and go down until close to both your ears! This will give you that edgy and chic look. Now that you've got your shine on, check out some tips on how to nail your braid like a boss!
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