Braided Love Review By The Fashion Messiah

Hi Guys! I know I have been completely MIA for a while. Firstly I want to apologize to all my readers out there and secondly promise you guys, lots of fun filled blog posts coming your way. For today۪s post, I have created a simple and easy to-do hairstyle. I have created this look by using BBlunt۪s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream. This Cream not only enhance natural movement and smoothen your hair but also tame the frizz and protect your hair from environmental and heat styling damage.
Here are the steps for the hairstyle, so let۪s get started!!! Step 1:- Start of by creating a side partition, take a 1 inch section from one side and create a braid. Now take an adjacent 1 inch section of hair and create another braid and secure it with a clear rubber band.
Step 2:- Now repeat the same braids on the other side of the partition.
Step 3:- Now hold both the braids from each side at back and secure the four braids into a ponytail.
Step 4:- Now flip the ponytail to the front and take a 1 inch hair from the crown area and flip the ponytail back and overlay the ponytail with the 1 inch hair.
Step 5:- That completes our hairstyle. If you want you can upgrade your hairstyle with an additional step wherein you can take 1 inch hair from both sides and create a small ponytail at the back.
Step 6:- This is the final look! Enjoy! :)
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