Budget Friendly Hair Care Routine

We all love to splurge on our tresses every now and then and are often left bewildered under the pile of shopping bills. But what if we told you that you could get gorgeous locks like a Bollywood diva without spending a bomb. Be it styling products, hair cleansers or dry shampoo, we have got you covered. So get ready to swap your expensive hair care products with some affordable yet effective products from the BBLUNT hair care range!

1. The Dry Shampoo

For the new age woman, having a dry shampoo in the vanity and in the bag is almost as crucial as a chapstick! You never know when you need to refresh your look and hop onto an important event. Often girls steer away from this little life-saver, fearing the price range. But worry not, the has been designed especially for Indian hair and comes only for Rs. 550! It’s not any wonder that Shifa Merchant Reviews The BBLUNT Beach Please And Spring Fling Dry Shampoos and approves of it.

2. Hair Serum

The is the best friend we all need in our lives. Not only does it boost moisture in our mane but also acts as a shield against pollution and dirt. With Avocado and Jojoba Oil, it makes our hair more smooth and manageable. All this just at the price of Rs. 500! How crazy is that? Krisha Avlani’s Review For Intense Moisture Hair Serum speaks volumes about the product. If you are dealing with dry hair then team up the serum with

3. Leave-In Cream

While we all know the importance of applying conditioners to our mane, we tend to ignore the significance of leave in-creams. Whether dealing with damaged hair, curly hair or frizzy mane, there is a tailor-made leave-in cream for every hairstyle. The is perfect for damaged hair whereas the makes sure you have the frizz under control, no matter what the weather is. The best part is that it retails at just Rs. 550, which is why these magic potions will not pinch your pocket at all. If you still have apprehensions about these potions then, check out, BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream Review By Beautiful As Always.

4. Shampoo

Your hair doesn’t need to suffer just because you are running low on cash. In fact, don’t let the price dictate the quality of the product. We know Indian hair goes through a lot of problems like pollution, damage, greasiness etc. Hence, the comes in various forms and with different combinations of ingredients that gives the perfect solution to all sorts of hair problems for a mere price of Rs. 675! Don’t want to take our word for it? The BBLUNT Shampoo Reviews will give you a clearer picture.

5. Conditioner

Conditioner always follows suit to the shampoo. There is a reason why everyone always suggests to use the shampoo and conditioner of the same range as the results are always better. When the same type of products target the problem of the mane, it is possible to be fixed at a better rate. So always go for the along with the shampoos. What is the icing on the cake? That they are readily available and come for just Rs. 450 each! With these budget-friendly hair products, you will have more good hair days as your hair will always be healthy and shiny! We know the troubles about dealing with damaged hair. Let us help you in nourishing your mane back to health with The Best Hair Care Routine For Damaged Hair.
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