Burgundy Hair Colour For Indian Hair

Are you planning to turn red anytime soon? Turning completely red won’t suit your skin. When selecting a burgundy hair colour shade, remember the rule of opposites – warm hair colour shades are for cool skin undertones while warm skin undertones can wear cool burgundy hair colour shades.  Let’s be honest, burgundy is the colour of the season. That being said, the shade does work for some, and not for others. There’s a slight trick to it, though. You have to find a colour that suits your skin tone. Hair comes in a million varieties of textures, and colours and no two heads of hair are alike! Red Hair is heavier than black hair as the colour is concentrated in the cortex.

There is so much to know about our hair colour for Indian skin Tone, and yet we know so little.

We believe all of us have a bit of a love-hate relationship with our hair, right? If you are tired of carrying the same look for a long time, let us tell you “Change is the only constant!”. Experimenting is what can lead you to the best results! Here’s a little guide which will take you on a quick tour around hair colour ideas for Indian Skin tone, to escort all the confused ladies from blah hair to amazing hair!

So where do we you start with?

First thing first, separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to hair colouring. For Indian skin tone choosing the right colour from the hair colour chart might be an uphill task, so let’s get to the basics and read on to find out the burgundy hair colour which suits all Indian skin tones.

 Follow these steps for the perfect burgundy hair colour for your hair:

Wash Your Face And Wait

Your skin must be clean and free of makeup, lotion or toner, it needs to rest for 15 minutes before proceeding further.

Find A Natural Source Of Light

Different lightbulbs have a different effect on the skin, they may give a yellow or green cast, and interfere with the appearance of skin tone. Try sitting next to a window or any outside sitting area to avoid misjudging your skin tone.

Observe The Colour Of Your Veins On The Inside Of Your Wrist

This is a quick way to check your undertone if your veins are visible. Hold up your arm in natural light and determine your predominant colour. If you can’t tell whether they are blue or green, you may have a neutral tone. Usually, people with olive complexion have this kind of undertone. If your veins appear green, you might have a warm skin tone.

Confirm How Your Skin Reacts To The Sun

 Do you tan easily? Do you burn or get freckles? The amount of melanin content in your skin determines how it responds to sun exposure and helps you identify your skin tone.

If you tan easily and seldom burn, you have excess melanin, and you presumably have a warm or neutral undertone. If your skin burns and doesn’t tan much, you have minimal melanin content and hence a cooler undertone.

Hold A Piece Of White Paper Closer To Your Face

Looking in the mirror, try to see how your skin appears in contrast to the white paper. If your skin appears yellow or sallow beside the white paper, you mostly have a warm skin tone. But if your skin seems pink, rosy or bluish-red, you are likely to have a cool skin tone.

Pick The Right Colour

 It is extremely important for you to invest in the right hair colour. Since Indian skin tones have a lot of shades pick something which can suit all Indian skin tones. You can opt for BBLUNT Salon Secret Wine Deep Burgundy hair colour! It is enriched with silk proteins and specially created to protect your hair from the Indian weather and water. Isn’t that an easy pick for you?

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