How To Call Your Stylist’s Bluff With These Tips

We are always discussing our hair woes with our hairstylists and most often blindly believe what they have to say. Most times, you should also consider what you think works well with your hair and not just your stylist’s views. These are four common myths you shouldn’t pay attention too, take a look! How To Call Your Stylist’s Bluff With These Tips 1. Washing Your Hair Every Day Is Bad We’ve all heard this one at least once. However, the truth is that any hair styling products we use at a salon cause more dryness and damage as compared to your everyday shampoo. So, if you are washing and conditioning your hair everyday but air drying it, you don’t have much to worry about. 2. You Should Never Trim Your Split Ends Yourself If your hair is prone to split ends and you have professional scissors at home, there is no need to make a stop at the salon. You can easily help yourself at home! 3. Fine Hair? You Can’t Do Much If you’re a fine haired girl, it’s possible your stylist has said this to you at some point. Your hair ‘can’t handle’ being grown after a certain point, which is completely false! If your hair isn’t breaking off, doesn’t look stringy and looks great then don’t worry about going shorter. 4. For Best Results Use Many Styling Products Your stylist usually tells you to use a variety of different styling products to get the hair that you want, but the truth is, if you get a good haircut, you will need just about two products to make a difference to your hair.
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