Celebrity Hairstyle Tips From Adhuna Bhabani

She is the Mane Expert and Bollywood celebrities can’t do without her! Our Mane Maestro, Adhuna Bhabani gives us her tips and tricks to getting that perfect hair, all day long. Check them out below. Celebrity Hairstyle Tips From Adhuna Bhabani 1. For A Vintage Look To nail this look, you gotta do all it needs. Make sure your hair looks slick and sharp for your vintage hairstyle. To get this look, use BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel. 2. Summer Love Keep it stylish for the summer. It’s best to keep your hair short and manageable for the season. A close crop cut is ideal. 3. Stubble On This If you’re the sort of a person who’s passionate about his facial fuzz, take a break from your trimmer on the weekend. For your client meetings, make sure your stubble is neat and trimmed. 4. If Length Is Everything If you’re comfortable with slightly longer hair, then have a natural progression to add length and keep the hair free flowing. 5. Good Hair Days Only To keep those bad hair days away, a few rituals would help your mane. Our Mane Maestro, Adhuna Bhabani, swears by these tips. A regular haircut, every six to eight weeks, will get rid of those split ends. Always use a conditioner after you shampoo, it protects your hair from heat application and the sun! Check out these wedding hairstyles by Adhuna Bhabani.
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